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December 31, 2017

FT. GAY, W.Va. -- Late last (Sunday) night the Wayne County Sheriff Drug Enforcement Unit and road patrol deputies made a traffic stop during a drug investigation and arrested 3 suspects from Louisa, KY.

L to R. Randy "Tap" Justice,  Sherry Bowen and Travis Hylton L to R. Randy "Tap" Justice, Sherry Bowen and Travis Hylton


The driver, Randy 'Tap' Justice was a fugitive from justice in Ohio and had a Conspiracy and Possession warrant issued by the WCSD Drug Enforcement Unit during an investigation earlier this year.

ICE (Methamphetamine) packaged for distribution, digital scales, packaging material, and marijuana packaged for distribution were found on Sherry Bowen (McCormick) & Travis Hylton.

Both were charged with Pseudoephedrine Altered, Possession with Intent to Deliver x 2, and Conspiracy.

Justice was charged with Conspiracy in this incident. Sheriff Rick Thompson says the arrests are the results of tips from the public and encourages residents to continue to send them.



0 #4 Sick 2018-01-03 16:00
Come on Travis! Shows what you think about your children. Were these part of your railroad mafia?
0 #3 Name 2018-01-03 03:55
The reason they never actually do any real police work in Lawrence county is because they'd rather sit right by the known dealers houses and pull the buyers over for simple possession instead of busting the real problem and disrupting their revenue stream. Everybody knows it's always been like that with the Louisa cops. Hell, half of them haven't even had their nuts drop yet. Keep sending them over and we will take care of the real work.
+1 #2 Same Ole 2018-01-02 12:44
Same thing here in Martin County. It's that way all over I think . In and right back out to worse crimes over and over...
+3 #1 Broken Record 2018-01-01 11:36
Not very wise seeing that 2 of the people were on the docket last month on drug charges! Gee whiz if this doesn't tell you how lax the judicial system is in Lawrence county then nothing will! To go out and do the same thing that you are currently charged with already is just crazy! They do it because there is no real threat of a stiffer sentence so for some it's worth taking the risk over and over again. Of course now they are dealing with WV, and they've really been cracking down on drug offenders, so it will be interesting to see how they (court) approach these cases compared to our court system. Either way locking them up could save their lives.

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