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Trump Train will be forming in Louisa Sunday

Wayne Co. Trump Train

All aboard Louisa, Kentucky! Calling all patriots! The Trump train is on its way! We will be meeting in Louisa, at Food City Parking lot Sunday at around 1:30 pm to line up for the TRUMP TRAIN and rally together beforehand! This parade is about 13 miles long!

If you are a Louisa Local or travelling to Louisa to line up with us, arrive on time and be ready for the haul of a lifetime. If you are a local that doesn’t plan to attend the parade, we encourage to welcome our friends coming all the way from Proctorville, Ohio who will lead this train! Please wave your flags and wave hello to the most exciting parade you’ll see all year!

For the ones riding through this parade, we will line up to pull out behind them! They will come through and we will get in behind them where we will travel through our awesome county and other areas! I encourage all to stay in line and ride the whole thing through. This has been said to be one of the most emotional experiences of conservative brothers and sisters getting together. Its a special moment

If any possible vendors want to set up prior please message

Kelli Hurt Fugitt as she is coordinating the Louisa area!
There are some rules for participating. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
▪Keep train tight, this allows train to stay and flow together and helps keep regular vehicles from becoming stuck in train and cuts down any attempt to break the train up.
▪do not stop at redlights or stop signs, the train has the right if way!
▪When going through lights, intersections, honk horns and keep rolling through
▪blinkers, emergency lights, whatever you have flashing needs to be continuous during the entire ride!
▪There is no potty breaks, keep in mind!
▪Be prepared for a long haul!
▪Patriot music is a plus!
▪Costumes welcome
▪Flags, signs, conservative showmanship encouraged (pro-god, pro-life, pro-gun, back the blue, and of course pro-trump)
▪Most importantly embrace the moment, enjoy the event, and take in the blessings God Has given us, nothing like a Sunday Drive!
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Comments 61

  1. Bob says:

    Let me know how that works when they run the red light or stop sign and hit someone cause they don’t have the right away.🤣🤣🤣

    • Citizen says:

      Exactly that’s what I’m saying!

      Won’t be my fault if you hit me!

  2. Robert says:

    How do you feel you don’t need to stop at red-light or stop signs.this
    Should be against the law if the police allow this.this is just a bunch of fools trying to act redneck.

  3. Democrat says:

    You should obey the rules too!!

  4. Chelsea Harper says:


    • Charles says:

      Yes you are Chelsea! Your parents must have been Clinton supporters, and named you after that ugly little witch?

  5. Concerned citizen says:

    Who’s organizing this? “ do not stop at redlights or stop signs, the train has the right if way!”

    How is this legal? Do they have a permit?

    • Charles says:

      To you and the ones above you. This is done under the power of Trump! So it’s legal, deal with it. The train is also authorized to run over any liberal pukes that happen to protest or riot! These people are not spineless cowards as liberals are, so don’t mess with them and you might see election day, when our GREAT PRESIDENT is re-elected, then feel free to end your worthless liberal lives at will!

      TRUMP 2020.

      • KAG says:

        Damm Charley you are going to be so disappointed on Nov 4th i just hope somebody will watch you closely and hide the ropes from you
        i told you sooner or later the Kool Aid will make you ill

        DUMP TRUMP 2020

    • Just saying says:

      The only name I seen was Kelli Hurt Fugitt which is Greg Fugitt’s wife.

      A lot of people are probably wondering who’s ideal was this, and how can they can not stop at 🛑 signs. I guess it will be right for everyone else to not follow traffic signs. Where are they going with this train??

  6. Nelson Sparks says:

    Where does the Trump train end?

    • KAG says:

      Off the Tracks it’s called a train WRECK

      DUMP TRUMP 2020

      • Chris says:

        Too bad Biden can’t get this much support all over the country, lol. Biden is senile and Harris is a socialist pig. Can’t believe any red blooded Americans would vote liberal. Just look at the liberal run cities, is that what you want our country to look like. At least Trump has a train, Biden has a little red wagon pulled by Kamala.

        • Charles says:

          Speaking of liberal cities Chris, in that riot going on in Philadelphia they looted a Wal Mart, although no books, school supplies or work boots were touched!

          TRUMP 2020.

        • Charles says:

          They also looted a dollar tree Harold, but couldn’t understand when other liberals wouldn’t pay $1.50 on the street!

  7. Stand Up says:

    When i see all of the nationwide support with events such as this not only on the roadways, but on the waters as well, and when i see the president have multiple rallies daily with thousands and thousands of people showing up to every one of them with enthusiasm that i can only describe as EPIC, while his opponent, Sleepy Joe Biden only does a tiny fraction of events that draw only a handful of people who for the most part show very little enthusiasm, yet these polls come out that tell us the president is behind at nearly every turn and even by double digits according to some of these polls, i must agree with the president that these are suppression polls designed to discourage his supporters from voting and trying to make them believe that the president has no chance of winning and that you would be wasting your time casting your ballots. It happened in 2016, his supporters ignored it, and they handed Hillary Clinton a thundering defeat that shocked the world! Its time to shock the world again in 2020. Lets send a clear message to the radical left and the media that court them and protect Joe Biden that we will not hand over this country to those that seek to destroy it and force us to live under the umbrella of socialism!
    May God have mercy on our nation should Biden/Harris win the whitehouse.
    MAGA Trump/Pence 2020!!!

    • Charles says:

      That’s right!

      TRUMP 2020.

    • Harold says:

      The Trump support across the country is incredible! I’m confident that Trump will easily win this election, but we can’t take a chance and not participate. Get out and vote Republican if you love your country and most importantly, if you love God! Pro-life. Pro-gun. Pro-God!


    • KAG says:

      you forgot a couple of important things
      first this is not 2016 your Dear Leader has a record now rember 77,000 votes was all that separated him and Hillary in 3 states combined Wis. Mich. and Pen.
      2nd James Comey is not going to rescue your Dear Leader like he did in 2016
      and last you Dear Leader handling of the virus has been a complete disaster he has surrender to it

      DUMP TRUMP 2020

      • Chris says:

        Your TDS is obvious, you probably cried when Hillary lost. The liberal/socialist agenda will ruin this country if we let it. The liberal media won’t even talk about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden aka the big guy was right in the middle of it all, every single time. Trump will win again, the polls don’t mean sh!t just like 2016 all over again. MAGA Trump 2020, easy win over poor senile Biden and do anything to win, socialist Harris.

        • Charles says:

          Chris, did you see the GDP report? 33% increase, July-September. That is the highest increase since just after WW11! The GDP is the very best indicator of the American Economy. And the one after WW11 was 16%! What was that Obama said? “The GDP will not raise more than 2% per year in the foreseeable future”, The future turned out to be 3.5 years. Our economy is stronger under President Trump, ‘in the middle of a pandemic’, than it ever been has in history. Only the non-working should even think about that (Dogfaced pony solder), Slow Biden.

          (Check my facts liberals, it’s on Google).

          TRUMP 2020.

          • KAG says:

            Charley what was the GDP in the first and 2nd quarter ?
            never mind in the first quarter -5% 2nd quarter and another record -32% so we are still in a BIG HOLE
            just curious what the 4th quarter will be after the $3 trillion dollars the GOP dumped in the economy dries up i believe there are 22 million people unemployed that’s nothing to brag about
            your Dear Leader took over a good economy and runned it in the ditch
            after 225,000 Americans Dead under your boy’s watch

            DUMP TRUMP 2020

  8. KAG says:

    “do not stop at redlights or stop signs, the train has the right if way!
    When going through lights, intersections, honk horns and keep rolling through”

    the lawyers will line up for this

    DUMP TRUMP 2020

  9. Charles says:

    Great Idea! Show dims how much we love President Trump. I hope McGrath sees it, then she will know how to put on a campaign rally. No free food for KAG, and no potty breaks, so she won’t need to be there.

    TRUMP 2020.

    • KAG says:

      KAG will be at a red light just waiting for the Train

      DUMP TRUMP 2020

  10. John says:

    KAG. Keep America Great. This is Trumps slogan. KAG has been a TRUMP supporter all along. Welcome aboard KAG.

    • KAG says:

      nothing gets by you John another Einstein
      better start weaning yourself off the Kool Aid now that way it will not be so hard on you

      DUMP TRUMP 2020

    • Charles says:

      Yes John, and she did say she would be waiting at the first red light for the TRUMP TRAIN, I think you’re right!

      TRUMP 2020

  11. Victoria says:

    Get on outta town with your bad selves if you don’t want to see it!! Just because you didn’t come up with the idea you go and get your bloomers in a wad lol. #TRUMP2020

    • Charles says:

      Yes Victoria, KAG bloomers are in a real big wad, of course she wears real big bloomers 12X!

      TRUMP 2020.

  12. Citizen says:

    ▪do not stop at redlights or stop signs, the train has the right if way!
    ▪When going through lights, intersections, honk horns and keep rolling through

    What a disaster!! — So many people will be breaking this train up I can already see it happening ! Lol

    • Chris says:

      They’re Trump parades all over this country, everything will be fine. See you there. Trump 2020!!!

      • Citizen says:

        I’ve noticed that. I had to google it.

        I probably won’t be there. Hope it turns out alright

  13. Harold says:

    This article sure tore KAG up. Lol! Trump 2020! Keep America Great!

    • Charles says:

      If you think this tore KAG up Harold, wait till next week!

      4 MORE YEARS.

      TRUMP 2020.

  14. Democrat says:

    We need a woman president!!!

    • Chris says:

      Why? Just asking for specific reasons why a woman would do a better job. Vote conservative. Trump 2020

    • Charles says:

      I would love to hear that one too! You had Hillary, how did that work out for you?

      TRUMP 2020.

  15. Conservative says:

    CHARLES is the MAN!!!!! Mow em down!!!

  16. Charles says:

    I can not believe the dimwits that didn’t read the article before posting, perhaps they can’t read? “OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS, unless intersections are blocked by law enforcement”, and red lights, stop signs and intersections will be blocked by law enforcement. It’s a parade!!!! The greatest parade on the planet.

    TRUMP 2020.

  17. i hate fascists and trump says:

    i didn’t know the KKK was in town yikes!!

    • Charles says:

      I guess you would prefer BLM/ANTIFA thugs instead? They wouldn’t last long in Eastern Kentucky, too many people worked to hard for what they have. You can’t even capitalize a sentence, just like you’re hero’s! You are a KAG.

  18. Ellen says:

    Robert- you said these people were fools “ trying to be rednecks”. They’re not trying to be rednecks, they are rednecks. They have no civility among them… just like Trump. It’s embarrassing.

    • Charles says:

      Really? Why not look at all that civility going on in Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle and many other places. How about that Ellen? Does that embarrass you in any way? How about all those children being murdered in Chicago? Rednecks aren’t doing these things!

  19. Aunt Tifa says:

    Still coming through Huntington? I’d like to test this theory about right of way and not breaking this train up….

  20. Karen says:

    Understand why Louisa will never be more than a 3 – 4 horse town regressing as it has for years. Telling citizens to “not stop at red lights!” Well I think I’ll get the ole hoopty out & take her for a spin – geez I’m tired of working bout’ time I got me some money (Eric Conn ain’t around is he?) I’m going to “lawyer” up real good. Mount a dash cam & wait for the “hit.” It ain’t about politics, it’s about stupidity at this point. And I got PROOF they said “run red lights.”
    Anybody want to join the “Money train?” Asking for a friend

    • Charles says:

      Karen, why don’t you read the article? Instead you run your mouth, you can read can’t you? A third grader could tell you’re an idiot. It says OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS…UNLESS blocked by law enforcement. Since you are a little slow, that means law enforcement WILL block intersections, red lights and stop signs. The only money you are going to get is on the 1st or the 3rd!

      TRUMP 2020.

  21. John says:

    KAG. Keep America Great. Trump 2020

  22. SMH says:

    This whole article just cracks me up!

  23. Bluedot says:

    As someone who is definitely not a TRUMPER, I would like to point out to those in that Trump Train that just because non-Trumpers don’t feel the need to ride around with big flags, stickers and signs on our vehicles, don’t think that we are not out here. There aren’t many of us in Eastern Kentucky but we, unlike you, understand that the world does not revolve around our little town. So go fly your flags in your train and stay within your little microcosm…. one day you will have to understand there is life outside of Eastern Kentucky and it is multicolored and multi cultured with different religions and viewpoints…. And one day you will just have to quit being afraid of those that are not like you….

  24. Jim says:

    The KKK was represented by the late senator Robert Byrd their most beloved DEMOCRAT . Research that!!!!!!! But the fake news wont mention this FACT.

    • Charles says:

      That is spot on correct! Joe Biden was a close friend of his too. That real history is far to shameful for dims to mention.

  25. Jeremy says:

    Had fun today at the Trump Parade. Huge success would love to know know many vehicles were part of it. 1000+

  26. Conservative says:

    Great turnout. Made me proud of both Louisa and Fort Gay communities. I videoed the train. It lasted 45 minutes. Now get out and VOTE.
    TRUMP 2020!!

  27. Charles says:

    On election day we will vote for America or Communism, it’s that damn simple. KY, TN and WV WILL vote overwhelmingly for Trump and America, we will soon see what others will do? McGrath will be soundly defeated…That’s one good thing. I saw America elect “The Kenyan” twice, and I still don’t know how? However this goes, I proudly voted for Trump. I don’t know how long it will take to count the, rigged mail in vote. My one hope is our President will win a clear and decisive victory on election night; but even that won’t satisfy the libtards, hell they will probably riot even if they win. Perhaps we will see another civil war, if so…I’M IN! But I hope it doesn’t come to that?

  28. Charles says:

    I’ll bet a lot of LC liberals are crying tonight, and libs all over this nation will cry like hell soon!

    TRUMP 2020.



    • KAG says:

      well it official the Trump Train has runned out of track it’s over