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June 9, 2018

A tragedy for one family turns into a miracle for another:

Powerful story about how the sorrow and loss of the Priode and Holley families turned into a blessing for the Fluty family...

Donna Fluty with her new car. Lazer photo by Gina WoodsDonna Fluty with her new car. Lazer photo by Gina Woods


The Table church and RISEabove, non-profit ministry, teamed together to purchase a car from Sue Holley after the tragic death of her mother. Then, after reading about Donna Fluty's car being stolen, gives car to Donna. Car ends up being same color and make as the car she had stolen.

Here's what's happened:

Matt Brown couIdn’t have said it any better.

”I love it when God takes those things in our lives that are bad and turns them into good. God has certainly done that in my life by transforming my addiction into a powerful story that gives him praise and honor, Brown said. "And that's exactly what He's doing here with this story."

"...We see the tragic incident of Sue Holley losing her mother and selling her car to help pay for funeral expenses, but then we get to see The Table and RISEabove partner together to purchase this car with the intention of blessing someone that needed it.

From Sue Holley:

"—Mom is smiling from Heaven because she knows God works good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Thank you to The Table and RISEabove for allowing God to work through you to help fulfill the needs of others! --Romans 8: 28-30

Pictured Left to right- Marion F Priode, Marion Priode Sr, Matt Brown, Donna Fluty, Sue Holley.Pictured Left to right- Marion F Priode, Marion Priode Sr, Matt Brown, Donna Fluty, Sue Holley.

This situation is a two-fold win - Sue was able to pay funeral expenses for her mother and Donna Fluty was given a car after hers was stolen."

From Donna Fluty:

"...It just amazes me how God can take someone's sorrow and turn it into a blessing for someone else." A brand new car could have not brought me any more joy than this one because of the way God orchestrated the whole thing." Ironically it's exactly a smaller newer version of nearly the exact car that was stolen. Even the same color" Now that's a God thang!" We couldn't begin to thank all the people who have helped us in this difficult time. People we don't even know. But that's how Gods children are suppose to respond" We May be the only Bible someone ever reads" meaning your actions alone should demonstrate that you're a child of God without you ever saying a word" that's the love that's been shown to us this week".

"...The crazy awesome thing about it is the car Donna had stolen was the same color and even the same make as the car that she was given by The Table and RISEabove. In true God fashion, He doesn't just restore what you've lost, He restores it to a better position than it was before you lost it!"

In this case, Donna's getting a newer car with less miles and in better condition than the car that was stolen from her, Brown said.

"I'm so excited about the work that God is doing in Louisa, KY and beyond. This is a story of God's restorative and transformative love that spurs people to radical generosity," Brown said. "One thing I've seen for sure over the last several years is that you cannot out give God."


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Check out and to find out more about The Table and RISEabove ministries.




+7 #2 Kathy Quinn 2018-06-09 22:06
Proof God is still performing miracles
+7 #1 Miracles 2018-06-09 18:33
When you know the story that led up to this event and the way different things fell into place not to mention the car that was stolen was a burgandy Buick and the car that was given to Mrs Fluty just happened to be a burgandy Buick, then you know that something supernatural was at work here, and that supernatural is God. This is more than coincidence folks. Now I ask that all parties involved and anyone reading this take the time to pray for Terry Fluty as he fights for his life at the University of Kentucky. What a double blessing this would be to have Terry walk out of that hospital with his health restored.

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