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December 13, 2017


Louisa City Council met in regular session on December 12, 2017 at 7pm.  Council members present were Mitch Castle, Ron Cordle, Tom Parsons, and John Nolan.

December 12, 2017

      *  Call to order 7:02pm, with the Pledge of allegiance and prayer.


*  Mayor presented awards to Local Community Group, Rise Above, for partnering with the city for multiple projects including the basketball court rehab and the new deck at Lockview Park. Receiving the award on behalf of Rise above was Daniel Ward and John Nolan.


*  Mayor also presented an award to City Clerk Kathy Compton from Harold Stone, a resident of Ohio who came to Louisa for genealogy research, His Grandfather RA Stone, is named on the placard in City Hall, and was once Mayor. Mr. Stone, Wanted to present an award to Kathy for her assistance in assisting him in finding information while researching his family history.
*  Motion to approve minutes from November meeting was made by Ron Cordle, Seconded by John Nolan, all approve.


*  Motion was made by Mitch Castle, and seconded by Ron Cordle, to approve the second reading of The City’s ordinance dealing with garbage pickup, this would add a voluntary $5 maintenance fee for upkeep of commercial dumpsters. All approved


*  Motion made by John Nolan, Second by Mitch Castle, to approve first reading of Amendment to Employee pay ordinance. All approved.


*  Motion to approve application for an energy savings grant by Ron Cordle, Second by Mitch Castle, all approve. Grant is $80,000 to pay toward current energy savings project.


*  Police Chief Greg Fugitt advised council that in recent weeks, the oldest Police Cruiser in the fleet had a transmission breakdown and has been taken out of service, this cruiser was scheduled to be replaced in the current FY. Another cruiser was also taken out of service due to an accident. The cruiser was a total loss in the accident. The insurance payout will be paid to the city in the coming weeks. Motion was made by Mitch Castle, Second by John Nolan, to approve the purchase of 2 new police cruisers from Paul Miller Ford, the current holder of the state contract. All approve.


*  Councilman Parsons inquired of adding a Port-a-Potty to Lockview Park for the summer months. As he had reports there are several parents taking their kids into the woods to use the restroom as there are no 24 hour bathrooms at the park. Mayor will inquire and update before the spring outdoor season.


*  Council went into Executive Session to discuss acquisition of property, sale of property, and litigation.


Upon returning from executive session, Council approved purchase property on the Big Sandy River in downtown Louisa. Purchase price of $100K, paid by $20,000 per year installments until paid in full, with no interest, also approved acceptance of another adjacent property donated to the City.  This site will be for future construction of a Riverfront Outdoor Amphitheater, part of the Re-Discover Louisa, Riverwalk Project. No final actions were taken on the other executive session items.


*  Meeting adjourned Adjourn at 7:58pm.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



+6 #5 Executive Session 2017-12-15 17:18
The council goes into executive session to discuss procuring property. Spending 100K of taxpayers dollars? I would understand personnel issues and litigation but regular business conducted behind close doors so there can be no public input or knowledge of private deals? We don't even know what exact property is being purchased and who from (that's not private, it's public information). This is a crazy city, guess they take their lessons from the Federal government. Privacy is the best policy. Keep the taxpayers in the black until the deal is done. Funny...but sad!
+5 #4 Ralph 2017-12-15 14:38
Just have to ask this question..will officer James be allowed to drive it out of the sate of Ky to Wv as to where he lives?? No, as one I think he should let him use his own car!!! Too much is put on the taxpayers' back. And fifty thousand dollars for a Mayor is a joke, it's no wonder these people come out of the woodwork to run for these positions.
-1 #3 @What 2017-12-15 01:08
Eat a Snickers.
-1 #2 What?? 2017-12-14 03:39
Honestly do we need an amphitheater??? Honestly how much will our small town use that?? I could think of a lot better things to do with the money going towards the amphitheater... if the mayor really wants to get something accomplished for fun in this town, how about a bowling alley up on the hill by Walmart, or something. And as far as the basketball court, it looks like pure garbage again... whoever done it, did not do it right, it already looks like it did before, so well done, and why in the world does the mayor of Louisa need a 50k salary??? Ashland city mayor makes nowhere near that, and port a potties?? What are we on the job?? Put some money to use and build a decent restroom and hire another city worker to take care of cleaning the parks and beautification. How about focusing on that horrible water plant,, or we do have a historical site where the old fort once was,, why are we not doing anything with that?? Honestly who wants a stupid zip line going across the river into ft gay??? If I was the city I would put in a putt, putt or something,,.arc ade, place to where our teens can go play pool, hang out,, instead of bars, ok rant over.
+10 #1 Amphitheater 2017-12-14 01:05
I think I like this idea. AEP should donate another 100,000 towards development. Heck we could even name it AEP stage. Great PR Allison !!!!

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