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June 7, 2018


Public Notice:

The Louisa Public Utilities will be completing mandatory fire hydrant flushing through the end of June. This process is done annually and is necessary to ensure the proper function of hydrants. Flushing is performed in the evening/night hours on weekdays. Crews are currently working in areas in the county. Beginning on June 11, Crews will begin flushing hydrants in and around city limits. Flushing hydrants causes a rush of water through the water lines and in some cases, especially in the downtown area, may cause discolored water, due to sediment in the lines being knocked loose. This is harmless and will dissipate quickly, usually in a couple of hours. If you notice discolored water, you may want to refrain from washing light colored or white clothes until your water returns to normal to avoid staining. We apologize for any inconvenience while we work through this necessary step to ensure public safety.

Jason Helton
Louisa Public Utilities
Ph. 606-638-4566
Fax. 606-638-1338


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