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November 22, 2017


Dear Mark,

Last night members from Utica to Jackson participated in our Action Call to reclaim Kentucky! We're in a moment of transition. There's a lot at stake.

This week, keep up your calls and voices !

1) Protecting Pensions: Keep up the pressure

The Governor still says he intends to call a Special Session. Legislators still say he doesn't have the votes. Keep calling your legislator at 502-369-2815. Make sure your legislator knows that constituents don't want a Special Session to cut pensions. Also, since they likely won't be answering office phones over the holiday, experiment with tweeting your legislator over the next several days!

Tell them:

This proposed plan breaks the promise made to state employees, lowers their wages, and devalues their public service and the essential programs we all rely on.
I want you to support tax reform to raise more revenue by closing loopholes and handouts for corporations and millionaires so we fund the pensions, like what is found in Bill Request 15.
Don't cut it, fund it. Vote NO on the current pension proposal.

2) GOP Tax Scam: Call and Tweet to Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul is a key vote. He's said that he'd oppose the Senate tax bill, but now that it repeals a key element of the Affordable Care Act, it might be a bad enough bill to win Rand Paul's support. Call, tweet, show up. You can find more information and resources on KFTC's Action page.

Call Rand Paul's Bowling Green office at 270-782-8303
Tweet to @RandPaul

Tell him:

I'm a Kentuckian, and I urge you to vote no on the Senate tax plan.

3) Join KFTC or renew your KFTC membership

Our legislative work is directly supported by your membership dues. If you value our work in Frankfort to implement our vision for Kentucky, please make a donation today. A gift of any size will make you a member or renew your existing membership.

Thank you for taking action!