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July 4, 2018

Bill JacksonBill Jackson Eagle Ridge Golf League News

Everything about Tuesday night was HOT, both the weather and the scores.


Tuesday night was a real scorcher. When I returned to my car, which was parked in the shade, the temperature showed 103°. I don’t know if that was the actual temperature, but it certainly gives you an idea of the heat. When playing golf in high temperatures, one learns to keep the cart moving with the windshield down, so the breeze blows on you as you drive. Then you look for the shade to park, and the weather becomes somewhat comfortable. It’s just the golf shirt, soaked in sweat, that actually is the bother.

As I explained last week, the league is divided into 2 halves. The League Champion will be decided with a playoff between the 1st half winners and the 2nd half winners. It actually makes it fairer because of the various vacations and off days that players suffer. In this format, it gives everyone an equal chance at winning. If league members find themselves so far back in the standings, the members lose interest. After the first half, all points earned will be thrown away, and everyone will commence at 0 again. It’s just starting over. To illustrate, we received 2 new members Tuesday evening, Jim and Josh Puckett. If they play well enough, they have a chance to become League Champion.

Tuesday evening was scheduled for the 1st half championship round. However, due to the July 4 holiday, it was decided to postpone the playoff until next Tuesday. The 3 players who are in the playoffs for the 1st half championship are Bill Jackson, Bill England, and Dustin Kingsmore. Next week’s article will contain the results.

League Results from July 3.

There were good scores by most all players. For instance, Lonnie Cook shot a net 28, Troy Hughes shot a net 30, Ronnie Wellman and Bill Jackson both shot net 31s, and Timmy Hayes had a net 32. Actually, the round of the night was shot by Troy Hughes, a 2 handicapper. Troy shot a 4 under par gross score of 32. To my knowledge, and I’m usually wrong because everyone lets be know, this is the lowest round turned in for the league. In achieving this, Troy had only 11 putts. When golf courses are laid out, it is anticipated for par that on a par 4 hole, the first shot is a drive, the second shot would be on the green, and lastly, a player would have 2 putts to place the ball in the cup, giving the player a par 4. This means that the average putts on 9 holes are 18 putts. Troy had seven 1-putt and two 2-putt greens, for a total of 11.

Now for the remainder of the scores and highlights for July 3.


Low Net Score (28) Lonnie Cook

Low Gross Score (32) Troy Hughes

Longest Drive (#7) Troy Hughes

Fewest Putts (11) Troy Hughes

Skills Competition

Closest to the pin, 2nd shot (#11) Troy Hughes

Longest Putt (#14) Jim Puckett

Par 3, Closest to pin (#12) Ronnie Wellman

Par 3, Closest to pin (#8) No greenie

Skins (3) Troy Hughes (#10, #14, #7)

(1) Davey Fields (#15)

That’s all for today folks. See you on the course.


Bill Jackson

Submitted: July 4, 2018







0 #2 Minnie 2018-07-07 09:20
Thanks for finally writing about >TheLevisaLazer .com - Eagle Ridge Golf League News...League
results from July 3, 2018
0 #1 Bernard Nelson 2018-07-05 20:02
Hey wild Bill, don't know any of the players but sounds like they're having a great time hitting the little round ball. Stay cool, keep swinging and lots of luck.

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