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June 6, 2018

Bill JacksonBill JacksonEagle Ridge Golf League News

The Weather was beautiful, the temperature was perfect, and, Eagle Ridge was great! The question; where were the Scores?


On Tuesday afternoon we had what was probably the best day we will have this season for playing golf. It was warm but comfortable, and the ball was carrying well. So it seems that the scores would be like last week when a new league record was set. But that was not the case, we only had 4 net tallies under par. Ronnie Wellman (32), Bill Jackson (33), Dustin Kingsmore (33), and Charlie Curnutte (34). The low gross was a 3 over par. However, never fret, I was there for the shot of the day or, maybe the stroke of the year. Our intrepid Ronnie Wellman, on hole number 2, scored an eagle (2 under par) from a little over 100 yards. To explain his shot, he put the ball right in the hole. And I was there to see the whole thing; it certainly impressed me! Ronnie’s stroke was the equivalent of a hole in one on a par 3.

Although we did not have the low scores of the week before, in addition to Ronnie’s eagle, Brad Lafferty had the longest putt for the night with a stroke from between 50 and 60 feet. This was the longest putt made this year. When I approached the green and saw the length of his putt, I knew I had no chance of bettering his stroke. Great shot Brad!

As I stated last week, it would be interesting to see if these great scores can be carried forward or whether Eagle Ridge will come back and “bite” us again. I predicted the latter would happen. Also, when the average strokes of the front nine and the back nine are compared, this year has proven what I have always believed. The front is more difficult than the back.

Now for the scores and the highlights for June 5.


Low Net Score (32) Ronnie Wellman

Low Gross Score (38) Ronnie Wellman

Longest Drive (#7) Ronnie Wellman

Fewest Putts (14) { Brad Laferty

{ Mike Hogan

Skills Competition

Closest to the pin, 2nd shot (#3) Ronnie Wellman

Longest Putt (#18) Brad Lafferty

Par 3, Closest to pin (#3) Ronnie Wellman

Par 3, Closest to pin (#17) Ronnie Wellman

Skins Troy Hughes

See you at the course.

Submitted: June 6, 2018







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