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May 3, 2018

Bill JacksonBill JacksonEagle Ridge Golf League News

Tuesday Night Marked the kickoff of the Eagle Ridge Golf League, and it was a beautiful day to play

 The golf league could not have started with better weather than we had on Tuesday, especially after the rainout on the scheduled starting date. Having learned last century from the Boy Scouts to “be prepared,” I went to the course with long pants and a jacket in the event it got cooler in the evening. Needless to say, I was the hottest player on the golf course, at least temperature wise.

To answer the question that was proposed in the first League article, golf lessons are available from our resident PGA Pro, Missy Kennedy. She is an excellent teacher, and if you call the course (673-4300), you can set up an appointment with her. She also has 2 group lessons, one for children and the other for women. You will enjoy her personality and teaching style, and patience with people such as I. Missy has given lessons to many of the league members.

The league this year is currently standing at 25 active members, with another 1 that has registered but has not returned from his vacation. There are rumors that others are interested in joining. We hope that we can reach 30 members. So, if anyone out there is interested in joining the league, now is the time to make the commitment. I guarantee that it will be the best evening you can spend during the week. You will always be looking forward to Tuesday.

Also, you will meet new people. These are people from Johnson County, Boyd County, and Martin County. We also have had a member from Carter County. For instance, this week I played with 3 people I had never met. We had a fine time, and although not everyone was on their game, it was still an enjoyable evening. If you have not been on our course, designated by “Golf Digest,” as the 5th rated the public course in the nation a few years ago, then you will be enthralled with the beauty that abounds. It’s almost as though you are playing golf on a game reserve. You may see deer (currently not as many because of last year’s disease), turkey, and an occasional bobcat or bear, with eagles flying overhead.

One more thing before we get down to the scores; the who did what, and how did they do it, I must tell you that last season we ended with 2 people having negative handicaps. That meant that these 2 people were scoring under par without any handicaps, making them add scores to their actual score for net score purposes. This ended with some unusual circumstances. One of those 2 people would usually have a low gross score but never a low net score because of the handicap. Without confusing you further, this means that the handicap system places everyone on an equal footing regardless of your ability. Also, age is not a factor because whether you are 20 or 80+, you will find players that fit that group.

Now for the scores and the highlights. Some people were on, and some people were, shall we say, somewhat less than on, like me. For opening night of the season, everything went well. Troy had matters in hand, although he felt at times somewhat frazzled. Troy grilled hot dogs and had chips and drinks for a welcome gesture to the new season.

Now to report the remainder of the golf news for Tuesday, May 1.


Low Net Score (32) { Bill England, John Chaffin }

Low Gross Score (34) David Fields

Longest Drive (#7) Bill England

Fewest Putts (14) { Troy Hughes, David Fields}


Skills Competition

Closest to the pin, 2nd shot (#11) Troy Hughes

Longest Putt (#14) Ronnie Wellman

Par 3, Closest to pin (#12) Bill Jackson

Par 3, Closest to pin (#8) Troy Hughes

Greens in Regulation (7) David Fields


{ David Fields-#7

{ Troy Hughes-#9

{ Tom Copley-#10

{ Ronnie Wellman-#14


Before ending, I must say this is going to be a fun year. David Fields had a gross score of 2 under par from the #2 tees, and Troy Hughes had a gross score of 1 under par from the regular tees. I had the unexpected pleasure of playing with Hunter Goble, our resident regional champ, only a junior in high school. He is a very skilled golfer and an especially nice and considerate young man. Mike Hogan’s son, Blake, played with Mike, and he is only a freshman in high school. Blake is now taller than Mike.

I urge anyone wanting to meet new people, have fun, and enjoys competition, then the golf league is for you.

See you at the course.

Bill Jackson

Submitted: May 3, 2018


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