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UPDATE: 4/13/15

Battle brewing for two liquor licenses, three have applied already

STATE BEVERAGE CONTROL spokesperson Holly Mullins sent the following information after a public records request from The Lazer staff, which, she said, is normal procedure.

Ms. Mullins would not say when the new licenses go into effect but she said the liquor stores will probably be about 30 days later than the beer licenses.

The list below includes both applicants for full liquor license (Louisa is allowed only two stores because of its small size) and beer and malt liquor licenses of which there is no limit.

The liquor quota sales are the new quota package and NQ listed below but only two of the three will be awarded licenses by the state. Others who are filing for a beer and malt beverage license are called NQ and for restaurants it is NQ2.


Freedom Sales Corporation

Pending new quota package and NQ


Rite Aid of Kentucky Inc

Pending new quota package 


Gabriel Garcia

Pending NQ2


K-VA-T Food Stores Inc

Pending NQ


Clark's Pump N Shop Inc

Pending NQ


K-Q-T Food Stores Inc

Pending new quota package, NQ, sampling



Holly Mullins, Staff Assistant

Office of the Commissioner, Public Information Officer

Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



APRIL 9, 2015

LOUISA, Ky. No beer or liquor licenses have been awarded as of today according to William Leedy the city Alcohol Beverage Control officer in the city. Leddy said he is not responsible beyond passing he initial applications to the city whichere he looks at the building and collects other information. He then turns it in the the mayor's office.

"We have approved each one we have received (see list below) but we do not handle the liquor licenses," Mayor harold Slone said.

The City of Louisa approved all applicants after inspection and sent the rest to ABC offices in Frankfort. The business that have applied for alcoholic sale here is list and what they have applied for:



The Lazer will print the applicants as soon as the state sends a list of those approved and as it keeps going forward.

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