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November 11, 2017

Charles Jones in for a visit 1960 Charles Jones in for a visit 1960


I really want to thank all of the Veterans of The Military for their service to our country and making this a very great place to live.

This photo of my brother, Charles, was when he was home on leave. He died of natural causes in the ARMY in Feb. 14, 1969, he was a Warrant Officer, I am proud of him.

You must always remember that 'Freedom is not Free' it comes at a large cost for many of us. I had Charles, Bill and Uncle Bud in the ARMY and 5 relatives in the in the NAVY. One was John Reed they called him “T-10” many remember him and Buddy Burgess, Fred Cottrell and Elbert Atkinson. Prayed for them for years during the time that they had serviced.

I was never in the military, but did communications as duty officer with the National Guard under the Emergency Management for long time then it was called Civil Defense.

There were many that never made it back home including a really good friend of mine, Jimmy Hardwick, who visited with me and my family the night before he had to go into action. He left his coat here that night and never got it back. Just a few days after he had got where he was stationed he was killed. So many good friends were lost by so many and I am very sorry for their loss. I do my best to shake the hand of anyone that I see that has on any military looking items and say “Thanks for a Great Job.”

God Bless America and keep it FREE.

Fred Jones



+1 #2 Bernard 2017-11-12 17:46
A great young man who was a dear friend. He and my younger brother played basketball & baseball together. He was taken from us at a much too young age. Any time I think of brother Les, I think of Charlie. Both are in heaven now & I still miss them.
+1 #1 Curt 2017-11-11 22:35
Thanks Fred. Bill and I were in school with Jimmy. Elsworth Swann was also our class mate and KIA in Vietnam.

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