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July 29, 2018

If your vehicle is damaged by paint, call 'Wet Paint Hotline'

HIGHWAY DISTRICT 12 – June 29, 2018 – Three crews from Central Striping Company are painting yellow centerlines on various state-maintained highways in Floyd, Lawrence, and Pike counties. Since this work is weather dependent, people will probably see these “moving work zones” for the next several weeks.

When they finish in Lawrence, Floyd, and Pike counties, they will move to roads in Johnson, Martin, Knott, and Letcher counties. Mike Blevins, Engineer Technologist with Highway District 12, said that eventually two more crews will be added to stripe white edge lines.

“This constitutes a moving work zone,” Blevins said. “Motorists should stay well behind the striping equipment and avoid changing lanes and driving over the fresh paint. Not only does that cause paint tracking, it may also cause paint to get on people’s tires.”

If you end up with paint on your tires or vehicle, and you feel you did everything you could to avoid it (not changing lanes across wet paint, for example), you may want to call the Wet Paint Hotline at 855-865-3200. Before calling, you should have ready your name, phone number, address, the route number of the road where you were driving, the color of paint you drove onto, and the date and time of the incident.



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