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March 23, 2018


Needle Exchange/Harm Reduction program will come to a vote, agenda says


Lawrence County Fiscal Court

Regular meeting agenda

March 27, 2018


  1.   Opening Prayer
  2.   Pledge of Allegiance
  3.   Call Meeting to Order
  4.   Approve minutes of the February 20, 2018 Meeting
  5.   Approve 1st Reading of Budget Amendment # 5
  6.   Approve Treasurer’s Request
  7.   Approve Bills
  8.   Approve Treasurer’s Report
  9.   Approve April as Child Abuse Prevention Month
  10.   Approve Ky. Transportation Rural Secondary Road       Program 2018-19 FY
  11.   Approve the Jail Fund Budget FY 18-19
  12.   Adopt Resolution and Approve the Execution of MOA Between LC Fiscal Court and Commonwealth of Ky. Transportation Cabinet
  13.   Open Bids on Lawn Service for County Mowing
  14.   Accept Viewing Report on Closure of a Portion of West Clayton Lane
  15.   Approve to Recognize April as Fair Housing Month in LC
  16.   Approve Planning and Zoning Ordinance Typo Corrections
  17.   Approve Resolution for Truck Lease
  18.   Approve Resolution to Make Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River as a Designated Blue Water Trail
  19.   Re-appoint Member to the LC Housing Authority
  20.   Accept Clerk’s 2017 Financial Report pending audit – (Clerk)
  21.   Accept Clerk’s Excess Fees
  22.   Accept Sheriff’s 2017 Fee Settlement pending audit-(Sheriff)
  23.   Accept LC Conservation District Annual Budget FY 18-19
  24.   Approve Proclamation Making April Pride Spring Clean-Up Month
  25.   Open Tabled Needle Exchange/Harm Reduction and Bring to a Vote
  26. Public comments
  27. Adjourn


0 #5 Drug Answer 2018-03-28 10:19
The answer to the drug problem is strict sentencing, not probation, probation, probation. And then rehabilitation and reintroduction to society - they realize they have no second chance after they decide to go clean because no one will hire them. They do need help with that. The answer is not given them needles to kill them themselves at taxpayers expense or setting up locations to monitor their injections with nurses paid for by taxpayers - you could advertise such a place, then take them all to jail when the get there. Also REQUIRE resident drug treatment program. Do not give them the option to fail, if they fail, the start over...there are ways to make the consequences of bad decisions look less inviting as a society - we better be doing that or it will only get worse no matter what you do!
+2 #4 Concerned 2018-03-27 15:35
One would think that instead of baby coddling, enabling and funding free needles to a bunch of dope heads, that our county would take that money and invest it into security guards for our schools and to protect our children! This is the most pathetic thing I"ve seen and heard! PRIORITIES PEOPLE! People strung out on drugs got themselves into that mess and by heck let them get themselves out of it! DO NOT TAKE TAXPAYERS DOLLARS for such a thing!!!!!! Wrong on every level!!!! If you're desperate to find a use for those funds, then address the security guards in every school or how about if your gonna give something free away, give free help to cancer patients or diabetics! Stop encouraging bad behavior! It's bad enough you see needles all over the tri-state laying around where innocent people can get hurt on them.. This will just make it 10 times worse!!!!
-2 #3 Hmm 2018-03-26 02:02
Nice to c a raise on there... election year.. not one in 7 years
-1 #2 Kelley Thompson 2018-03-25 13:24
Agree with previous comment, program is a waste of money.
Let Natural selection do its thing.
+2 #1 Gee 2018-03-24 15:27
Needle exchange, come on. Haven't you seen what is happening in other cities? It doesn't work. It promotes drug use.

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