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Date: 12-31-2017

Hopkinsville liquor stores start home delivery 




Two Hopkinsville liquor stores are taking advantage of a new state law that allows liquor to be delivered to homes.

This month, Dick’s Drive-In and Bar on Ninth Street as well as Discount Liquors on North Main Street announced on their respective Facebook pages that they can now deliver alcohol.

Based on the new law, each liquor store can designate a specific driver with the transporter’s license to deliver alcohol from their store.

Michael Cain, owner of Yellow Light Delivery Service, teamed up with Char and James Manning, owners of Dick’s Drive-In and Bar, to offer the service in Hopkinsville.

“We were the first ones to do it,” said Cain, who started delivering for Dick’s on Dec. 12. “It’s just now starting to get busy.”

Along with delivering food, Yellow Light Delivery Service will also deliver alcohol from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days a week, excluding Sunday. The cost is the price of the liquor, plus an $8 delivery fee. To order from Yellow Light, call 270-243-0200.

Char said they wanted to be the first local business to take advantage of the new law that went into effect in June.

“The Kentucky ABC legislation changed in June allowing delivery, and we knew it was just a matter of time for retailers to get it done,” she said.

Discount Liquors announced their partnership with 5 Star Transit on Dec. 15. According to their Facebook page, there is a minimum purchase of $10 using a credit or debit card and a minimum $5 delivery fee. To order, call 270-886-5050.

Across the state, liquor stores in Louisville and Lexington were the first to start to delivering as early as July. Hop2go in Lexington touts itself as the first direct-to-home alcohol delivery company, according to its website. They also deliver cigarettes and snacks.

Aside from the accessibility, there are still regulations in place to make sure minors aren’t on the receiving end. The purchaser must show ID and their credit/debit card upon delivery.


Char said it was important to them to make sure the service was feasible and safe. She thanked the ABC and state legislators for bringing Kentucky up to speed with a law that’s in place in Tennessee.

“We’ve really set the mark,” she said. “We’re so glad that (our store is) leading in this.”

To her, the possibilities are exciting: “How cool would it be, if you were going to propose, to have your champagne delivered while you’re watching planes take off?”

January 1, 2018

(The following is being released to all media outlets in an effort to make the public aware of a growing concern in our community.)

Karry Ann Spears Karry Ann Spears On December 30, 2017, OFC Alex Combs of the Kenova Police Department arrested Karry Ann Spears, age 35, of Prichard. Ms. Spears is charged with five (5) counts of embezzlement as well as two (2) counts of issuing worthless checks.

The complaint, filed by Officer Combs in Wayne County Magistrate Court, alleges Karry Ann Spears had a previous financial relationship with a 72 year old Wayne County resident and that Ms. Spears misused and misappropriated thousands of dollars for her own benefit.

Family members of the elderly female contacted Kenova Police in October to report unusual transactions at the bank. The investigation revealed unauthorized 

local purchases as well as a number of items purchased over the internet and shipped to other locations.

The investigation into the thefts revealed Ms. Spears misappropriated funds on more than seventy (70) occasions. More charges are pending.

Anyone with information regarding this incident or the subject involved is urged to contact the Kenova Police Department at 304-453-1281.


Embezzlement by misuse of power of attorney or other fiduciary relationship; penalty.

Any person who holds a fiduciary power of attorney, or who has a fiduciary relationship with a person, and in so doing wilfully and with intent to defraud embezzles, misappropriates or fraudulently converts for his or her own benefit, or for the benefit of another, the assets or property, real or personal, with which he or she has been entrusted, or misuses or misappropriates funds from the person to whom he or she owes a fiduciary duty or misuses any account, line of credit or credit card of the principal for purposes not contemplated by the terms of the power of attorney instrument or fiduciary relationship, or for purposes not intended by the principal in the execution of the power of attorney or for purposes not intended by the fiduciary relationship, shall be held to have embezzled the same and, upon conviction, shall be deemed guilty of the larceny thereof.


December 31, 2017

FT. GAY, W.Va. -- Late last (Sunday) night the Wayne County Sheriff Drug Enforcement Unit and road patrol deputies made a traffic stop during a drug investigation and arrested 3 suspects from Louisa, KY.

L to R. Randy "Tap" Justice,  Sherry Bowen and Travis Hylton L to R. Randy "Tap" Justice, Sherry Bowen and Travis Hylton


The driver, Randy 'Tap' Justice was a fugitive from justice in Ohio and had a Conspiracy and Possession warrant issued by the WCSD Drug Enforcement Unit during an investigation earlier this year.

ICE (Methamphetamine) packaged for distribution, digital scales, packaging material, and marijuana packaged for distribution were found on Sherry Bowen (McCormick) & Travis Hylton.

Both were charged with Pseudoephedrine Altered, Possession with Intent to Deliver x 2, and Conspiracy.

Justice was charged with Conspiracy in this incident. Sheriff Rick Thompson says the arrests are the results of tips from the public and encourages residents to continue to send them.