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July 3, 2018

Talley says she has had death threats;

E. Ky big game hunter is facing scorn from many around the world for killing a giraffe during a legal South African hunt last year


West Virginia's WSAZ-TV reports Tess Talley was shown kneeling in front of the dead animal in a photo that went viral in recent days.  Photo By Andrew ColegroveWest Virginia's WSAZ-TV reports Tess Talley was shown kneeling in front of the dead animal in a photo that went viral in recent days. Photo By Andrew Colegrove

Kentucky Press News Service

A woman originally from Eastern Kentucky's Johnson County is facing scorn from many around the world for shooting and killing a giraffe during a legal South African big game hunt last year.

West Virginia's WSAZ-TV reports Tess Talley was shown kneeling in front of the dead animal in a photo that went viral in recent days.

So-called trophy hunting is legal in a number of African nations.

Talley said the animal she killed was not rare and was beyond breeding age.

Talley sent a lengthy message to WSAZ:

"...The giraffe I hunted was the South African sub species of giraffe. The numbers of this sub-species is actually increasing due in part to hunters and conservation efforts paid for in large part by big game hunting.

The breed is not rare in any way other than it was very old. Giraffes get darker with age. This giraffe was 18+ years old and beyond breeding age, yet had killed 3 younger bulls who would have been able to breed...this causes the population of that herd to go down.

Now that the giraffe is gone, the younger bulls are able to breed...this causes the population increase. This is called conservation through game management.

Option 1: let the giraffe continue terrorizing younger bulls, die naturally, waste the meat, hide, bones. Lose income to rancher, conservation for the rest of the herd, taxidermist, shippers, etc.

Option 2: find someone willing to pay $100,000+ to transport, care for, feed the giraffe for what would have been 1-2 years left of life max.

a) put him in with another herd where he continues to kill young bulls = population goes down.

b) lock him in a small inhumane enclosed pen where he could potentially injure himself or others trying to escape.

Option 3: sell the hunt, earn income for conservation of the other remaining giraffes, income to ranch owner, income to trackers, skinners, taxidermist, etc. Use the meat for much needed protein I cannot speak for all, or any other hunts that take place in Africa or elsewhere in the world but this was not a “canned” hunt.

I will say one more thing on this subject. For all the people wishing death or even threatening death to me. This does nothing positive for your “movement” it only shows the world how lopsided your priorities are. The very same picture could have been posted, and are posted daily, of men with their trophies and not a word is said. It is by far women that hunt who catch more grief from the “tolerant” and “all loving” animal rights activists. It’s sickening to the majority of people how women are treated all over the world, except in the case of women hunters.

You people call yourselves compassionate and caring, yet some of the most vile things have been directed at me and many other women hunters. I get that hunting is not for everyone, that’s what makes this world great is the differences. But to make threats to anyone because they don’t believe the way you do is completely unacceptable. If it was any other belief that was different, threats and insults would be deemed hideous, however for some reason it is OK to act this way because it’s hunting."




0 #5 Get Real 2018-07-06 18:02
With all the stuff going on in the world, wars, famine, disease, innocent people are dying everyday somewhere in the world. People spend way too much time and money worrying about a dead giraffe, get real folks, a dead giraffe is the last thing on my mind. The individuals threatening her or anyone else over any kind of animal needs to be thrown in jail, and they need to adjust their moral compass back to normal. If a species is in danger of going extinct, then they need to be protected, but one persons life is far more important than any animal. I believe that anyone being cruel to any animal deserves to pay a fine, counseling, community service, and in some cases jail, but NEVER death, it’s sad when someone has to make this point, normal people already know it.
-1 #4 Just curious 2018-07-05 23:11
Shameonyou, what did you mean by,"Now if you wanna go monkey hunting then more power to ya!" Just wondering.
+2 #3 Jeremy 2018-07-04 15:22
Looks like she did nothing illegal. Some dont want to recognize hinting as a part of conservation but it is. So some may not like hunting but it is very much needed. Glad the meat was donated to those in need. If the meat was wasted that would make the hunt wrong. All I got left to say is congrats on a good day hunting.
-6 #2 Shameonyou 2018-07-04 03:18
I have studied and followed African wildlife for some time now, and when giraffes fight (necking) it usually doesn't end in a fatality. Giraffes are threatened by lions and many, especially their young, end their lives in the jaws of a lion. Just because the population of some breeds are on the increase, that still doesn't mean their numbers are where they need to be. Im not a fan of African big game hunting. Enough of these animals die from drought, diseases, and predators, and the last thing they need is man hunting them Africa is a special place for these amazing animals....some on the verge of extinction. This is basically the last sanctuary for these exotic animals, and like everything else man gets involved with, they won't stop until it's depleted beyond recovery. Now if you wanna go monkey hunting then more power to ya!
+1 #1 Lois 2018-07-03 19:23
This is my Neice and I am very proud of her and I love her dearly. Not only has she been threatened, but so has many of her relatives and her friends. I also have received very disturbing insults and threats. Even threats to my 7 yr old nephew. Some people are truly insane. This is very unsettling to know people have such upended beliefs of animals over human beings. This is Appalachia. We’re accust to hunting and providing meats for our families. This animal provided over 2000 lbs of meat for their local orphanage, of whom was very glad to get it. It’s a shame that others are so judgemental without even making an effort to understand. Life is far different for people of Africa.

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