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March 9, 2018


Is Lawrence County next?

A walk-in was scheduled and carried out for Friday morning at Boyd County Schools to raise awareness for a pension bill and what the proposed changes could do. Kentucky state Senators say the bill would save taxpayers $3.2 billion over the next 20 years and stabilize one of the country's worst-funded public pension systems.


Opponents say all it does is change and reduce the retirement for state employees.

"They're taking away money that was promised," Missy Conley, president of the Boyd County Education Association, said. "Our pension was a promise to us many years ago. They borrowed money from it, and now they can't pay it back."

"We're going to be losing all of these qualified teachers because they're not going to want to teach in Kentucky," teacher Angie Heyerly told WSAZ.

Conley says the teachers were inspired by the actions of West Virginia teachers during their walk-ins and eventual strike.

"They were trailblazers," Conley said. "They kind of set the stage for us."

The walk-in did not impact the school day. Teachers were out with their signs and waving as students were being dropped off, and when the bell rang they went inside and started the day as normal.

However many state employees have spoken and made it very clear that It’s only a matter of time until Kentucky stands up for the promises made to them.

Melissa Gray, 7th Grade EXPLORER TEAM Collaborative TeacherMelissa Gray, 7th Grade EXPLORER TEAM Collaborative TeacherI reached out to a 7th grade teacher, Melissa Gray at Boyd County Middle School and she stated, “We are not only fighting for our pensions, we are fighting for our students! They deserve adequate funding and we believe that a promise of a pension should be kept," Ms. Gray said. "This not only affects teachers but it will have an impact on the entire state of Kentucky. It is time to come together and support each other, cuts in education never heal and we are never better for them."

"Our Kentucky kids deserve the best. We have done our part funding the pension, now it is their turn and they need to do so without punishing the teachers."

"Thank you to all that have shown support. I have also reached out to a couple of Lawrence County teachers, and they were busy with the professional development training today, but I’m certain that this is not the end of Kentucky’s stand."



-1 #9 Parent 2018-03-13 03:45
I think they are not doing this for the children in schools but fighting to get more money! A lot of people don't get paid nearly enough at their jobs! You chose to be a teacher so do your job for the kids!And if Ky is going to do the same as We then please God wait till summer when the kids are on summer break and do it so they won't miss anymore school!
+3 #8 CountyGal 2018-03-11 16:38
I am so surprised that people think the teachers are making “easy street” money and want them to be handled like the private sector. State employees and teachers’ salaries are significantly lower than the private sector folks. Maybe if those complaining about teachers and state employees are willing to pay more taxes so the teachers and state employees can be paid just like the private sector, everything would be fine!!!!! Many don’t understand that teachers do not get social security when they reach retirement age. They cannot even draw their spouses SS!!! How would you private sector folks like that situation?
+2 #7 really!!! 2018-03-11 13:50
comments from 3,4,5 and 6, your ignorance of the facts is astounding.
-5 #6 Not Me 2018-03-10 15:50
The real joke are these teachers who don't care about the kids! They pretend they do, but they are really in it for the money. Seems they all have problems with addition. They don't wan to cut anything but yet they want more money on the backs of taxpayers.
-3 #5 Jeremy 2018-03-10 11:17
I understand that promises were made. So what would be fair is any employee with 15yrs or more state on current system. All other employees go to a 401k system. Just like alll private sector employees.
-6 #4 Citizen 2018-03-09 21:58
So it begins I really do understand that We need better Insurance and Better Pay and Retirement and the one that are Retired to keep theirs and I am all for that but and YES I am a school employee too, but Striking and Walk Outs Will be ILLEGAL and Yes WV got what they wanted but at what cost? There WILL BE Legal Action taken against them Just wait and see and if KY does this then We can Expect Legal Action too.
-7 #3 SIMPLE 2018-03-09 19:17
Get back to WORK!!!! If you don't like what you're getting and going to get when you retire, quit and do something else!!! It's time for a lot of people to move off of Easy Street and get with the rest of the world. They need to work the full time to retirement like the rest of us and have a 401k just like the rest of us. Learn to manage your 401 and you will definitely come out with more money for retirement.
+2 #2 Movement 2018-03-09 19:04
Arizona,Oklahom a and Kentucky are next to make a statement.
+2 #1 Bevins a joke 2018-03-09 17:43
For all of you that don't know, Matt Bevin does not support public education. He wants charter schools for the State of Kentucky. What this means in simple terms is that students that excel would receive priority and struggling students would be left behind. Matt go back to the state your came from. You are a dictator and most of all not a true Kentuckian.

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