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February 8, 2018

A court order by Martin Co. District judge John Chafin against the administration of the Big Sandy Regional Detension Center has been set aside by Circuit Judge John D. Preston this week.

Jail Administrator F.D. "Pete" Fitzpatrick was sentenced to 30 days in his own jail by Chafin for contempt charges stemming from a "late" filing of a report by the jail administration over $260 that was returned to a prisoner a day later than ordered. 

But Preston ruled that the matter was "administrative" matter determined by the facility and not the courts. He said the ruling by Chafin was made in "ERROR".

"It was a simple misunderstanding and it snowballed from there," Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick's appeal was filed by BSRDC attorney Nelson Sparks of Louisa.

Here is a press release sent by Fitzpatrick this morning:

BSRDC administrator F.D. "Pete" FfitzpatrickBSRDC administrator F.D. "Pete" Ffitzpatrick

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