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August 3, 2018



A four car pileup resulted in the death of a horse that had gotten loose and was galloping down the wrong way on U.S. 23 last night.A four car pileup resulted in the death of a horse that had gotten loose and was galloping down the wrong way on U.S. 23 last night.

One horse was killed and a pedestrian suffered a broken leg as the result of a pileup on RT. 23 last night.One horse was killed and a pedestrian suffered a broken leg as the result of a pileup on RT. 23 last night.

LOUISA, KY. -- A call came in to 911 at 10:20 p.m. by Ryan Caudill of Louisa that a horse was in the road on Route 23 across from Quality Metals. Caudill pulled off the side of the road and turned on his emergency blinkers to make people aware and to prevent the accident.

But it didn't work.

The next driver came through, Todell Castle of Ashland moving into the fast lane to avoid the car and then hit and killed the horse. Castle then pulled off in front of the Jeep on the shoulder of the road.

Passengers from the initial vehicles involved exited in an effort to check on the horse. While outside of their vehicles a third car driven by Katlyn Meadows of Barboursville, WV came through also hitting the horse and lost control of her vehicle and swiping Terina Evans of Ashland, Ky. who was walking the scene and checking on everyone.

Sheriff Garrett Robert stated that Evans was flown by Health Net and the last he had heard was that it had broken her femur, but she is stable.

Lazer reporter Wade Queen contributed to this story





August 3, 2018




AUGUST 3, 2018 - written by WADE QUEEN

It was like a scene out of one of any of the Final Destination movie series.

Chaos filled the Louisa area late Thursday night when a freak auto accident involving a car directly striking a horse running through the middle of a busy 4 lane highway was made worse when it led to a near simultaneous ricochet seconds later when 3 other vehicles crashed into one another, causing one of them to hit a pedestrian who just happened to be walking on the side of the road at that spot.

According to the Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency, at just before 10:30 P.M., Lawrence County E-911 received multiple calls that an automobile had been in a collision with a horse running down the northbound lane highway of U.S. 23, directly in front of Quality Metals.

Lawrence County E-911 dispatched the Louisa Fire Department and Netcare Ambulance - Lawrence County-  to the accident scene.

When emergency units arrived to the crash site, they discovered the accident situation was way worse, and were told by eyewitnesses that the first wreck involving the car and the horse had led seconds later to a just as bad second motor vehicle accident, involving three more automobiles, with one of the 3 crashed vehicle ending up striking an individual who was walking on the side of the northbound lane of U.S. 23.

Emergency officials made a call for a regional air medical ambulance helicopter, which landed about a half-hour later, directly landing on U.S. 23 near the wreck scene to transport a seriously injured patient to St. Mary's Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia; while a second injured patient was transported to Three Rivers Medical Center. It is unknown as this time how many people total were involved in the chaotic pair of the accident collisions.

As for the horse, the original source that instigated the chain of events, law enforcement officials confirmed that the horse was killed when it was hit by the first vehicle.

Northbound U.S. 23 was closed for around 2 hours, at 12:30 A.M., in which one northbound lane was opened for traffic, and finally both lanes opened after the wreck scene was cleared at around 1:15 A.M.

Keep checking back with the Levisa Lazer as we attempt to gather more definitive information in regards and surroundings of both of the accidents.



July 31, 2018

Rape, Sodomy cases; Two sentenced to over 10 years for Engaging in Organized Crime


Circuit Court was held Friday, July 27th In the state courts building in Louisa with some high-profile cases brought  before Judge John D. Preston.

Accused child killer Nick Ballou was finally sentenced to 25 years in prison for the death of his infant son, Landyn by way of an Alford Plea, accepting no responsibility for the child’s injuries that included multiple skull fractures and brain injuries.

Ballou is currently serving time for the horrific injuries that he inflicted upon his then two month old son in August of 2011. He has been indicted for murder. The child suffered from cerebral palsy, permanent brain damage and was legally blind after the abuse from his father.

Ballou, who went on the run from police for an extended time before being caught in Morgan Co. told his now ex-wife Amy that the baby had choked on his baby bottle. However, the child suffered major head trauma that left him legally blind and with permanent brain damage with three skull fractures.

Landyn has since died from the injuries and the Commonwealth is now charging Mr. Ballou with murder.

Two separate charges of rape against two different men rang through the courtroom as well.

And two were sentenced to over 10 years for Engaging in Organized Crime.


Here is the court docket from Circuit Clerk Jodi Parsley:


Craig AdamsCraig AdamsAnthony Craig Adams, 30 was arraigned on:

*  Possession of a controlled substance, 1st degree, 2nd or > offense, drug unspecified,

* Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs, and 

* Possession of drug paraphernalia.

Pre-trial date set for 8/20/18.





Nicholas C BallouNicholas C BallouNicholas Ballou, 31 Pled Guilty To Murder taking an Alford Plea and was sentenced to 25 years. (concurrent with Lawrence County Case)








Sierra D. CaudillSierra D. CaudillSierra Caudill, 33 was present on 2 separate cases for a motion to amend terms of home incarceration.

The motion was granted.








 William W. Chafin William W. ChafinWilliam Chafin, 30 was sentenced on two cases, defendant received a total of 2 1/2 years for fraudulent use of an ID card of electronic code for benefits and bail jumping.








Robert E. ClayRobert E. ClayRobert Clay, 56 was present for a served bench warrant.

Hearing has been reset for next month on 8/14/18 on charges of trafficking in a controlled substance, 1st degree, Methamphetamine.







Kelly CollinsKelly CollinsKelly Collins, 40 A trial was reset for 8/13/18 on trafficking in a controlled substance, drug unspecified.









Broderick N. CyrusBroderick N. CyrusBroderick Cyrus, 41 was present on 3 cases.

The defendant was sentenced to 8 years on complicity to manufacture methamphetamine while complicity to receiving stolen property, (firearm) was dismissed on one case and was

*  Sentenced to 3 years concurrent to first case for complicity trafficking in a controlled substance, 2nd Degree.

*  Lastly the defendant was sentenced to 8 years to serve, concurrent with all other cases for Engaging in Organized Crime/Criminal Syndicate.






Joshua Q. CyrusJoshua Q. CyrusJoshua Cyrus, 44 was present for re-arraignment on tampering with prisoner monitoring device and escape, 2nd degree.

The defendant received 3 years for each charge on supervised probation over a five-year period.

Final sentencing to be held on 8/2/18.






James F. GartinJames F. GartinJames Gartin, 55 was present for a status hearing on Rape 1st degree and two counts of Sodomy, all charges with a victim under 12 years of age.

Trial was reset for 9/19/18.









Justin W. HarlessJustin W. HarlessJustin Harless, 30 is charged as convicted felon in possession of a handgun.

Second case is tampering with physical evidence and persistent felony offender.

Third case is 2 counts of  burglary 3rd degree and persistent felony offender.

For his case is complicity burglary, complicity theft by unlawful taking and persistent felony offender.

Defendant was present in court. All cases reset for 8/14/18.










April HarperApril HarperApril Harper, 34 was present to set aside pretrial diversion.

The defendant stipulates to violation of the pretrial diversion and the pretrial diversion was set aside.

Sentencing to be held on 8/24/18.







Brianna S. KimblerBrianna S. KimblerBrianna Kimbler, 32 is charged with and on the docket for complicity possession of a controlled substance, Methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The defendant was not present and a bench warrant was issued by Judge Preston.






William P. LittonWilliam P. LittonWilliam Litton, 48, was arraigned on Rape, 1st degree.

Pre-trial set for 8/2/18. 

The defendant remains incarcerated with the same $20,000 cash bond.

(BACKGROUND - A Webbville man wanted for 1st degree rape charges after being indicted by a grand jury, was arrested Saturday night July 14, but not before trying to flee from officers, which led to him facing additional new felony charges, as well as a misdemeanor charge.

William P. Litton, 48, was originally arrested on April 20 by the Kentucky State Police, after evidence revealed he knowingly and unlawfully engaged in sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion on April 18. However, Litton was then let out on a bail bond a few days later.

On June 26 he was indicted by Lawrence County Grand Jury but failed to surrender.

Kentucky State Police had been searching for Litton since. He was found at a residence in the northwestern part of Lawrence County. When KSP officers pulled up to the scene, William Litton then ran away, leading to a lengthy foot pursuit for over a mile, until he was finally being caught by trooper Forrest Newsome, who had to struggle to handcuff Litton.

Besides being arrested for the 1st degree rape indictment, Litton is now facing 2 new charges; FLEEING OR EVADING POLICE, 1ST DEGREE (ON FOOT), which is a felony, and RESISTING ARREST, a misdemeanor charge.

(Litton is being held in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center in Paintsville.)






William J. McCoyWilliam J. McCoyWilliam McCoy, 46 Was present on three different cases for a probation revocation hearing.

A graduated sanction was ordered for defendant And the docket does not reflect what graduated is.








Michael Ernest PenningtonMichael Ernest PenningtonMichael Pennington Jr., 32 Was sentenced to drug court for the charge of complicity possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.









 Lillian N. Perry Lillian N. PerryLillian Perry, 38 The judge to disqualify on two sentences given to the defendant.









Jocelyn N. PickardJocelyn N. PickardJocelyn Pickard, 33 case reset for 8/20/18 on trafficking in a controlled substance, methamphetamine and trafficking in a controlled substance (greater or equal to 2 g but less than 100 g of heroin.








 Brian A. Roop Brian A. RoopBrian Roop, 32 was sentenced to 10 years for engaging in organized crime/criminal syndicate enhanced to 20 for persistent felony offender.









Kaitlin RoopKaitlin RoopKatlin Roop, 25 was sentenced to 10 years for an amended charge of engaging in organized crime/criminal syndicate and enhanced to 15 years supervised probation over 5 years with other conditions.









Heather S. SavageHeather S. SavageHeather Savage, 41 was present but case was reset for 11/19/18/ for complicity manufacturing methamphetamine and persistent felony offender, 1st degree.








 Robert A. Woods Robert A. WoodsRobert Woods, 37 Pled guilty to 3 cases that were amended.  Sentenced to drug court.









Arthur Shane Webb, 33 was reset for 8/27/18 for 1 count of Complicity Robbery and 2 Counts of Complicity to Burglary.

Ronnie Webb, 51 was reset for 8/27/18 for same charges, adding persistent felony offender.

Hansel Wiley, 48 was set for pretrial but reset for 8/14/18 for criminal possession of a forged instrument.

The defendant was arraigned on bail jumping and the defendant was incarcerated. Pre-trial date set for 8/24/18 on a separate case.