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February 8, 2018


On February 1, 2018 at 22:34 the Louisa Fire Department responded to the call of an out building on fire behind the Lawrence County High School. The fire was extinguished and two other exposed buildings were saved.

Kentucky State Police Arson Investigator was contacted along with the Louisa Police Department.

There has been no estimate of the cost of the fire.


On February 3, 2018 the Louisa Police Department responded to the call of vandalism at the fitness center of the Lawrence County High School.

During the investigation it was discovered by Sgt. Ed Cordle that someone had gained entry into the building without using force.

While inside the subjects threw a 5 pound weight against the ceiling causing dings in it, also discovered was a broken top portion of a piece of exercise equipment and powder thrown about the locker room.

Anyone with any information of either incident please contact the Louisa Police Department at 606-638-4058.


"...Lawrence County High School was the scene for two incidents that happened after hours last week. 

On February 1, one of the storage buildings located near the soccer field was destroyed by fire.  The building housed primarily equipment associated with our FFA organization. 

On February 3, an act of vandalism occurred at our weight room facility. There was minor damage to stools, ceiling, etc., but thankfully, no equipment was stolen, and no one was injured.  Both cases are under investigation. 

We appreciate our state and local authorities that are conducting the investigation and also those that responded to each situation.  Our first responders are good people that strive to keep our facilities safe, and again, we are very thankful for those that serve in our police and fire departments."



February 8, 2018

On February 4, 2018 at 0143am, Officer Hunter James responded to an alarm call at the “Outpost” store located in the FoodCityPlaza.

Upon arrival Officer H. James noticed the front door had been busted out. After clearing the building and investigation it was discovered that the subjects had made entry into the store carrying black garbage bags and began filling them with cartons of cigarettes.

Both subjects, who were wearing dark clothing, masks, and gloves made off with a reported $5777.00 in merchandise.

Anyone with any information of either incident please contact the Louisa Police Department at 606-638-4058.


February 6, 2018

Lawrence County cuts could reach $4 million in first year, Fletcher says



Lawrence County Schools chief Dr. Rob Fletcher responded to questions from The Lazer concerning a recent visit he made to Frankfort to let representatives and senators know just what effect proposed budget cuts would have on Lawrence Co. schools.

Here is what he said:


"...Over the past year, the Lawrence County Board of Education has invested taxpayer money into educating our kids and maintaining our buildings. The Board approved a 0.5% raise for employees, a 1 to 1 initiative at the high school, the purchase of Chromebooks, a new gym floor at Fallsburg, potentially two new buses (through a grant opportunity), water treatment facilities upgrades, and others.

As you well know, Governor Bevin’s budget has several funding sources for education removed from the current budget proposal. According to the spreadsheet you have that compares the 2016 HB303 with 2017 HB200, there are several programs that are either mentioned specifically in cuts or simply not mentioned at all. Those include, but are not limited to:

Transportation (Up to 75% in cuts)
Health insurance (unspecified amount)
Gifted and Talented
Read to Achieve
Safe Schools
Textbooks/instructional resources
Teach for America
SFCC additional offers of assistance in school construction (not the nickel match)

Mrs. Vanhoose (Lawrence Schools Finance director) has prepared a working budget for you (BOE) that compensates for increase district level contributions in CERS and other issues, but it is nearly impossible to anticipate the final state budget at this point. There are many issues that have not been addressed including a pension bill, tax reform, and others.

To give you a starting point, Mrs. Vanhoose has taken our current situation and developed a draft budget for your review. On the other hand, be advised, when the final state budget is approved, we could be bringing recommendations of cuts for the upcoming school year.

Draft budget overview was the information that I gave the Board members before Mrs. Vanhoose's Draft Budget was presented.  The contingency funds will dip below 4% due to the increase contribution that we will have beginning in July."


The Impact of Governor Bevin’s PROSPOSED Budget on Lawrence County Schools

"...Governor Matt Bevin recently unveiled a budget proposal for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  If one looks at the budget (HB200) line-by-line, one would see detrimental cuts to public education.  The MINIMUM financial burden that would shift to our district would be over 2 million dollars, and if health insurance costs are added, that could double to over 4 million dollars in the first year.

The contingency funds will dip below 4% due to the increase contribution that we will have beginning in July.

Specifically, here is how the Lawrence County School System would be affected:


These budget cuts would not only directly impact the programs mentioned, but also these budget cuts would cause multiple lay-offs, a reduction in extra-curricular services for students, and negative impacts in many other areas that are not mentioned specifically.

Finally, it is my hopes that Governor Bevin has provided a “worst-case” scenario and that these cuts will never occur.  I trust the lawmakers of eastern Kentucky to fight for public education.  In the meantime, I encourage you to contact our legislators, Senator Ray Jones and Representative Jill York, to let them know that you appreciate their support for public education, especially for the students of Lawrence County.  ALL IN!"