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State Road fund monies approved, Coroner can now use blue lights, siren;


LOUISA, Ky., -- Lawrence County fiscal court members held a short special meeting Friday morning with only this Lazer reporter in the audience. Nary a soul attended the meeting besides the court members and others who are paid to be there.

No wonder. The agenda included only four items and mostly consisted of required items concerning the county road system.

County Attorney Mike Hogan, Treasurer Sabrina Cantrell and Judge/Executive John Osborne talk over county business afyer Friday's special session. lazer photo by Mark GraysonCounty Attorney Mike Hogan, Treasurer Sabrina Cantrell and Judge/Executive John Osborne talk over county business afyer Friday's special session. lazer photo by Mark Grayson

The court approved the $640, 870 in County Road aid funds provided through a contract with the Kentucky Dept. of Transportation. The state has a list of roads in order of priority to be worked on first, but Lawrence County attorney Mike Hogan said the court has the authority to "re-priortize" the list when the funds come in.

There are more than 100 miles of county roads that must be maintained by the court.

The court also approved a resolution executing the County Rural Aid Contract between the fiscal court, Commonwealth of Ky. and the Department of Transportation for FY 2011-12.

Magistrates from left, Earl Boggs, Morris Howard and John J. Lemaster prepare for short meeting Friday morning.Magistrates from left, Earl Boggs, Morris Howard and John J. Lemaster prepare for short meeting Friday morning.County Judge/Executive also said recently that officials from FEMA have visited the county and listed the highways that were damaged by April flooding for which Lawrence County will receive funds to repair. He said some roads that are in the worst shape will be done immediately and the county can collect the funding when it comes in.

"We are required to take lots of pictures to show the damage, but they told me to go ahead and fix them and we will be reimbursed," Osborne said. "I believe maintaining our county roads should be a top priority for the county government."

Court members also approved a resolution allowing County Coroner Mike Wilson and his assistants to use emergency red and blue lights and sirens on emergency calls. Apparently, this had not been the case in the past.

Magistrate Morris Howard then asked if Constables in each district in the county can also use lights and sirens, but Hogan said they can use them only if they attend state mandated training classes and become approved. Osborne said the only Constable who has been approved is Wayne Webb.

Bill Copley was unanimously re-appointed to the Lawrence County Public Library Board of trustees. He has been a member but his term has expired, Osborne said.

The court is scheduled to meet in regular session on July 18.

Sink will address local Chamber of Commerce on fate of Big Sandy power plant;

LOUISA, Ky.,  -- On July 19th @ 12 noon, the Southeast Kentucky Chamber will be hosting a membership luncheon at the First Baptist Church in Louisa.  The luncheon will feature Aaron Sink, Plant Manager of AEP/Kentucky Power’s Big Sandy Plant in Louisa, KY presenting "Environmental Compliance and Impacts".  With the recent announcement from AEP to close multiple coal-fired power plants and re-equip others as natural gas plants in the near future, the chamber felt it important to inform its membership and the community on the issue being faced with the EPA.

This presentation will provide the opportunity for you to understand the situation from AEP's perspective as it relates to new regulations that are being enforced by the EPA and how compliance with those regulations will impact our local economy directly and indirectly.  It is important to understand the fallout of the EPA’s regulation and how it will affect your business’s bottom line.

A buffet style meal will be provided.  Tickets will be $6 for members (employees of member businesses are considered members) and $15 for non-members.  You can pay online with a credit card, elect to be billed, or elect to pay at the door.  Pre-registration is required by online registration or calling our office at 877-738-4400.  For more information, feel free to contact our office.

The event will be sponsored by Wal-Mart of Louisa.  

“We believe that growth in each community, positively affects its neighbors and the region as a whole.”

Jared Arnett, MBA | Vice President - Chamber Operations 

Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

787 Hambley Boulevard | Pikeville, KY  41501

p. 606-432-5504 | p. 877-738-4400(Toll Free) | f. 606-432-7295 |

Clerk says unpaid tax bills are up by nearly 200 from 2010; 


LOUISA, Ky., -- Lawrence County Clerk Chris Jobe warns that those on the delinquent tax list need to pay their bill or at least contact County Attorney Mike Hogan to arrange a payment plan before Aug. 9, 2011 or face the sale of their property to third parties.

Lawrence County Clerk Chris Jobe goes through the list of delinquent taxesLawrence County Clerk Chris Jobe goes through the list of delinquent taxes

Jobe said the delinquent tax bills were up this year from last year. "We had 950 unpaid bills this year which rose from 751 unpaid bills from the previous year." However, Jobe said there are currently 623 that still need to be collected for a total of $250,826. Jobe said there is still $65,159 in delinquent tax bills from last year (2009 - 10) that have not been paid, making a total at this point of more than $315,000 owed the county taxing districts. He said the property from last year was not purchased by third party companies who specialize in buying up unpaid tax bills and collect interest on the amount before they sell it back to the taxpayer.

"It is a state law that we have the sale of the tax bills," Jobe said. "When a third party becomes involved, there is only one year after that when a person can buy back the tax bill from the third party. The third party who buys the tax bill can also add extra fees causing the first party to pay much more than what they would have paid on the original tax bill. After one year the third party can force the sale of the property, however, if the property owner is making active payments set up by Hogan, it will keep the tax bill from being sold."

Local taxing districts such as the school system, library, and Extension Service depend on property taxes for support. Schools Chief Mike Armstrong said at a recent meeting that the unpaid taxes "really hurt" the school budget. "Chris (Jobe) has told me that people are just walking away from property because they can't afford to pay the taxes," Armstrong said.

Five of the six taxing districts in Lawrence County raised tax rates on property this year. The only exception was the fiscal court. When that much tax money is owed, it is especially difficult on the smaller taxing districts to keep up with current standards, Hogan explained. "Times are tough for everone and government has got to be accountable for their spending like families are."

There is a list of the delinquent tax bills that is updated weekly on the Lawrence County Clerks' website at: