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Residents are asking for guard rails and repairs;


FALLSBURG --- County Judge-Executive John Osborne and Magistrate Morris Howard were approached last week concerning a dangerous situation along a county road, but made no promises because of the county's finances. Both were true to their word and personally visited the site this week.

Osborne and Howard assured Austin Branch residents that the dangerous situation resulting from a road break next to Blaine Creek is on the schedule to be repaired.  Osborne has been working with Magistrate Howard to remedy this problem.

For now, county road department workers have placed safety tape along the dangerous stretch to alert drivers to the break off of the road. Magistrate Howard also informed residents that he is keeping an eye on the situation and would be doing anything possible to remedy this problem quickly.

Residents are requesting repair and guardrail placement along this stretch of road.

County Judge Osborne said he is keeping in contact with residents of Austin Branch to ensure everyone is aware that he is going to bring a solution to this dangerous road hazard.

Lazer writer Jones without power in devastated Alabama;


Regular columnist and Lazer Associate editor U.C. "Liss" Jones has been writing about the good old days in Louisa and Lawrence County that we all like to remember for nearly two years now and he has never missed a single week.

Until this week.

"We weren't hit by the tornadoes, but people to each side of us were and it is a terrible sight to see," Liss said. "I've got a travel home that we can use with the small diesel generator for light, but I have to try to find some fuel, you can't get that, either. There is so much misery and things you want to do to help but can't."

"Liss" lives in Huntsville, Alabama where the tornadoes earlier this week ripped the landscape for miles and took over 140 lives. Liss called Thursday and said he wasn't going to be able to do anything this week because Huntsville, a city of over 100,000 citizens, has no electricity. He said things were in complete chaos down there with all the destruction.

President Obama has visited personally and calls the situation "the worst I've ever seen" and delared it a disaster area and even offered trrops if necessary to help with the cleanup.

Liss has seen his share of devastation as a decorated veteran, who joined the U.S. Army after graduation from Louisa High School in the early 60's, and retired after a distinguished military career. He has been in private business in the Huntsville area where he has made his home.  

He loves to spin a yarn, especially about the days back in Louisa as a child in "the Bottom" as he calls it. He adds some spicy "lists" from time to time and the column is a popular feature in The Lazer.

The electricity was supposed to be restored in Huntsville and surrounding areas by next week, but Jones said he couldn't guess how long the huge job of cleaning up would take. "It's the worst natural disaster I've ever seen," Liss said. As soon as he can get back to his new Mac, Liss will no doubt fill us in on what people in his area have been through and are still going through.

In the meantime, Liss asked for the prayers of the people in his "home area" of Lawrence County for the many in Alabama that are grieving and distraught this week. 

Fire report:  Silver Fox Road trailer fire

LOUISA -- Trailer Fire this morning located on Silver Fox Dr. (Off of Cynthia Chapel Rd), upon arrival the entire kitchen / living room area was engulfed in flames, Louisa fire fighters quickly got the fire under control, but to no avail as the smoke and fire damage had already overtaken the trailer. No injuries were reported.reported.