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April 7, 2018

Earlier this week we challenged serious candidates for Lawrence County Judge/Executive on both parties and candidates for the fiscal court to tell the public how they plan to attract a small to medium sized company here that would provide jobs.



Charlie France II -- Republican candidate for judge/executive 

Charlie France II has lots of plans for Lawrence CountyCharlie France II has lots of plans for Lawrence County

Hey Mark!

Some key issues that I've been talking about while campaigning is our environment here in Lawrence Co., funding, economic development, getting the county government more involved in our communities and with our youth, and being more transparent with the citizens of Lawrence Co. about governmental issues the county is dealing with.

Any other questions you have I'll be glad to answer.

Thanks again.



*  I've noticed a lot of litter along our roadways and throughout the county and its very concerning to me. As Judge Executive I would bring a great deal of attention to this subject, enforce ordinances pertaining to litter abatement, work closely with the solid waste coordinator to ensure everything was being done that could be to stop or deter illegal trash dumping, work with law enforcement to investigate and charge those who litter and/or illegally dump trash, have more frequent free garbage disposal periods for county clean up where we could place large dumpsters throughout the county for collection, and partner with non profit organizations and volunteers to clean up our county. I feel as though the Lawrence County recycling center is heavily underutilized and unadvertised so I'd like to initiate some changes with the center if elected. I'd also like to bring back the inmate work program here in Lawrence County so the taxpayers can get some return on the heavy expense of housing inmates in the prison system.

*  I've heard a lot of comment on our roads and infrastructure and I'm well aware that there are areas throughout our county in poor condition and these issues all boil down to a lack of funding and lack of equipment or at least that's what the citizens are being told. Ultimately we all know that our county's bottom line has been affected by a decrease in tax revenue and a decrease in monies related to coal severance dollars. Many of my opponents highlight fixing our roads in their campaign, but I've yet to hear how they intend to do so. You can't fix the roads if we don't have the cash. If elected Judge Executive I plan on being conservative with the money that the county does have and find ways to decrease expenditures so more money will be freed up to do the things we need to do and to ensure our infrastructure is safe for our citizens. Also while we're on the subject of funding I'd like to comment that if elected Judge Executive I would aggressively go after grants and other types of funding that we could utilize for growth, development, and maintenance here in Lawrence County.

Economic growth is a must here in Lawrence County if we plan on maintaining and growing our population while also funding our local government. We have a promising future here in Lawrence County and we have many favorable aspects that companies and corporations look for. If elected Judge Executive I would do all that I could do to attract businesses and work with various organizations that specialize in attracting jobs to our county. We need to market Lawrence County as THE place to live and work. While companies are building factories and plants around us, I'm hopeful that Lawrence County citizens can come away with some of those jobs and we can attract people outside of our county to buy or build homes here in Lawrence County. I'd also like to stress that I want to maintain the businesses that are already here in the county and encourage our citizens to shop local whenever possible.

*  Our youth in Lawrence County is our future and if elected Judge Executive I'd like to step up our local government's efforts to do more to nurture and develop our youth programs, organizations, and facilities. I have two daughters that love to play outside and we utilize many of the parks throughout the county for play. We are fortunate to have parks and ball fields like Stella Moore that a great number of our kids and even adults utilize for recreation that allow us to accomplish a great number of things like building character and establishing relationships that last a lifetime. As a kid growing up here in the county I had some of the best times of my life playing on the fields and in the parks and we need to make sure that these areas are well maintained and further developed for future generations.

*  Transparency is important as it pertains to government. Often, issues aren't fully disclosed to the public and we as citizens become frustrated and feel as though we're being deceived or become alienated. Though much of the time criticism is met when various issues arise and are discussed, it's important that full disclosure is achieved through effective communication. If elected County Judge Executive I will work closely with various media outlets to keep the public informed and educated on key issues that the government is handling.


I've been asked many times about my work status if elected County Judge Executive. If elected I will resign my current full time position and become a full time County Judge Executive.

Charlie J. France II
Republican Candidate for
Lawrence Co. Judge Executive


April 5, 2018



Suspect was hiding at Blaine under assumed name


District 1 Constable Paul Wells and Sheriff's Deputy Mason Keefer arrested a dangerous wanted felon from Michigan that had dug in on 1601 Tark Hill Rd. in Blaine, KY on Monday, April 2nd.


Donald Sanders Donald Sanders A new couple had moved in about a month ago and the complaints began.

Wells had visited the couple's trailer on a few occasions already, once on a complaint about the man driving recklessly, another when a complaint was made that household items and gas had been stolen.

Both times he was contacted by Constable Wells the man gave the name Ricky Spellman, after Wells ran him and he came back clean with no warrants, Wells' hands were tied. 

“I just knew that something didn’t seem right," Wells said. "So I went home and began to research him on the computer. I looked him up on Facebook."

Wells continued with his arrest story.

"After three hours I realized that Ricky Spellman was not the guy who I had been talking with, however he did have a friend who’s name was Donald Sanders that matched the man who I had encountered, tattoos and all matched,” Wells said.

Wells, now equipped with the correct name for the man and his birthdate, ran it again and came back with a warrant for Auto Theft out of Campbell County, which is located in Northern Kentucky. He then ran the same name through NCIC and found that he was a fugitive from justice with a felony warrant for Home Invasions out of Michigan.

Tattoos on the body of dangerous Michigan fugitive  Donald Sanders led to his arrest by Dist. 1 Constable Paul Wells and Deputy Sheriff Mason Keefer Monday evening.Tattoos on the body of dangerous Michigan fugitive Donald Sanders led to his arrest by Dist. 1 Constable Paul Wells and Deputy Sheriff Mason Keefer Monday evening.Warrants in hand, Constable Wells and Deputy Mason Keefer went to the residence but it was unoccupied.

Upon leaving, the couple's vehicle was spotted and pulled over. Without incident Wells arrested Donald Sanders and he is lodged in the BSRDC awaiting extradition.

The woman who was with Sanders has been identified as Ashley Warrix but no other information about her is yet available. She was not arrested.


April 4, 2018

The Louisa Water and Sewer Commission met in regular business session April 3, 2018 with Mayor Harold Slone presiding. In attendance were Board Members Jeff Kinser, Steven Lycans, Mitch Castle, Heath Preston, and Sam Lester. Others in attendance were Martin Wright, Mary Muncy, Brandon Leedy, Jim Smiley, Bob Martin, and Jason Helton.


  1. Call to order, 6:01pm

  2. Motion to approve minutes from March 2018 meeting made by Steven Lycans, Second by Heath Preston. All approve.

  3. Map for the planned Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer replacement coming up in 2019. The areas highlighted in Yellow will be getting a new sanitary and storm sewer line. Mainly Lock Avenue, Pike Street, and Main Cross Street. Map for the planned Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer replacement coming up in 2019. The areas highlighted in Yellow will be getting a new sanitary and storm sewer line. Mainly Lock Avenue, Pike Street, and Main Cross Street. Board heard update on Sewer Infiltration Reduction project. Presenting updates were Bob Martin, Chris Martin and Jim Smiley. Engineers advised they have storm drain designs complete at this time with new design to have enough capacity to handle all drainage from the streets. They are currently in the process of redesigning the sanitary sewer for the areas needing replaced. Main areas of concentration were North Lock Ave., Pike Street, and a portion of Main Cross St. All were determined to be problem areas in the initial camera inspection. Currently the storm sewer along these streets are running into the sanitary sewer and causing wash outs and violations at the sewer plant. The current lines are several decades old and were designed for both sanitary and storm sewer runoff, which was common practice at the time, but no longer meets code. Replacement could prevent millions of gallons of street runoff from running into the sewer plant during rain events. This project will qualify for 50% principal forgiveness ( a grant) from Kentucky Infrastructure Authority.

  4. Board heard update on Cynthia Chapel pump station. A customer from The area,  was also present to inquire of completion date of pump station installation. Customer advised that there are currently pressure issues still with several customers on Plata Zoro Rd. Mayor Slone advised that the current pressure issues were due to a leak in the water main. He also advised that the pump station is currently not up and running due to delays in getting AEP to hook power up to the pump station. Power is now hooked up but it is having issues with the pressures of the pump station. Wascon will be servicing the station to correct the problem.

  5. Reviewed additional water tank inspection quote from Elite National Coatings & Inspections, LLC. Quote total was $16,500 for clean-out and inspection. Motion by Heath Preston to approve quote from Pittsburg Tank & Tower, with a quote price of $14,800. Second by Jeff Kinser. All approve.

  6. Mayor updated on KIA Water Main Replacement project, Project is scheduled to go before the KIA Board for approval on April 9, 2018, after which engineering design can be completed and project can go out for bid. This will replace some of the oldest water lines still remaining in the downtown area. Most of which are nearing 80 years old and have frequent leaks. A large portion of this project is being paid by grant monies from the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority.

  7. Mayor updated on water meter changeout project. Advised that there were multiple problems discovered by meter manufacturer, Neptune. Mayor met with CEO of NECO, the contractor for installing meters, and Perfection Group, the performance contracting company. Mayor Slone stopped installations until NECO corrected problems with the meters that were already installed.

  8. Mayor updated on Lift stations at the sewer plant. The station has been underwater twice due to river flooding in the past month. Both pumps were broken at one time. One has been repaired and is operational. The second pump is currently being rebuilt at this time. Currently waiting on guide rails to be repaired. Also updated on various other projects being completed by the sewer department. Including replacing Chlorine and SO2 delivery system and various other lift station repairs.

  9. Martin Wright discussed new Dollar General on 2565 requesting new tap for the new building being built. Inquired if they would need to pay for a new tap and if they would need to pay for larger meter they requested. Customer will be required to pay normal tap fee if they use a 3/4 in. Meter or will need to pay the cost of the meter plus tap fee if needing a larger meter.

  10. Discussed tanker truck conversion to dump truck. Will need to auction the tank from the current truck, in a previous meeting the City Attorney determined a trade in was not permissible under law. Council will need to declare the tank surplus and advertise for bid to be sold. Dump truck can be completed by August 2018.

  11. Board also discussed changing the disconnect date for customers that have failed to pay their bills. No final determination was made. Office Supervisor will provide several different options to the board at the next meeting. The board is hopeful to make a new policy that is more customer friendly as well as prevent loss of revenue to the Department.

  12. Adjourned at 8:37pm