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July 19, 2018

Progress announced on 'Riverwalk', nothing new on sewer project this month, pool revenue up...

The regular meeting of the Louisa City Council was called to order at 7pm on Tuesday, July 17, 2018, at Louisa City Hall. Mayor Harold Slone and Council members Ron Cordle, Lisa Schaeffer, Tom Parsons and John Nolan were in attendance.

After the Pledge and Prayer. Mayor Slone began the meeting with an update on the city Pool Revenue so far this summer, noting the pool was on track to meet budget expectations.

These business items followed:

*  Motion by Tom Parsons, Second by John Nolan, to approve minutes from June 2018 meeting. All approve.

*  Motion by Ron Cordle, Second by Lisa Schaeffer, to appoint Kathryn Compton as the City’s and Jason Helton as the Utilities Department’s FEMA applicant agents. All approved.

*  Mayor Advised council that private citizens of Levisa Dr. have approached the city to take the street in as a City Street. The Street is currently owned by the Developer, R & J Development. CSX has completed widening the railroad crossing for the street from one lane to two lanes. City Attorney Bud Adams, who also represents CSX, advised that due to liability issues, the City should agree to take in the Street but not the Railroad Crossing.  Motion by John Nolan, Second by Ron Cordle for the city to take over the street, but not the railroad crossing. All approved. Attorney Adams will begin paperwork.

*  Council discussed delinquent property taxes. Council advised City Clerk to send delinquent property tax notices for 2012-2017, Any amount over $200.00 to be sent certified mail.

*  Mayor Slone will be attending the Governor’s Local Issues Conference on the second Tuesday in August. The Council Meeting for August was Rescheduled for the 3rd Tuesday in August.

*  Mayor advised he had received an update from Summit Engineering for the Riverwalk Project. They have begun surveying the area and will soon be putting the design on paper. Summit will attend the August meeting for an update on the project.

*  Council went into Executive session. No actions were taken.

*  Motion by John Nolan, Second by R. Cordle,  to adjourn at 7:55pm.





0 #2 Levisa 2018-07-22 01:55
I can't believe the city hasn't taken this street into the city to maintain before now. They getting at least $10,000.00 a year from these residents in CITY Tax. This doesn't include the vacant lots. City Tax is also paid on these. All these new homes including the newer ones in Meadowbrook, where is all of this money going? I guess some of it will go towards the new salary of $50,000.00 plus for the new mayor. What a joke? This SMALL town never ceases to amaze me.
0 #1 Citizen 2018-07-20 09:44
They are trying to make themselves look and Sound Big in the Eyes of the Public but anyone that knows anything about Railroad Crossings knows they cannot Accept ownership of any Railroad Crossing because Railroad Tracks and Crossings Are Owned By the Railroad and it Really is Against the Law to Walk or Cross them without Proper signals

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