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May 29, 2018


LAWRENCE COUNTY (May 29, 2018) – People who drive in Lawrence County between Blaine and Louisa on KY 32 or US 23 will see a long, unfamiliar truck on the roadway during the next two weeks. Traffic will be delayed a few minutes as the machinery conducts seismic testing.

Seismic testing equipmentSeismic testing equipment

Jody Hunt, Permits Engineer at Highway District 12, explained that Precision Geophysical of Millersburg, Ohio, is conducting seismic testing for oil and gas deposits in Lawrence County. The company did similar testing in Lawrence and Martin counties in January.

The big rig used for this work will stop periodically and a plate will descend from underneath the truck. The plate picks up vibes from the earth to determine the location and density of any oil and gas deposits that may be there.

The routes for testing are limited to KY 32 and US 23. If there are issues with the air and road temperatures due to heat, the company will use a water truck to prep the road surface as needed to avoid any pavement damage.

Hunt asked motorists to be respectful of the mobile work zone as it travels along the roadways. “There will be signs, flashing lights and such to alert motorists when they are coming upon this mobile unit. Just slow down and be patient. The delays won’t be long,” he said.


Sara George
Information Officer
Highway District 12



0 #3 Bouncin 2018-06-02 03:15
Hopefully this doesn't leave dips in the road like it did on 1760 a few years ago.
0 #2 TAX 2018-05-31 15:49
Quoting Wow:
Sure hope the county starts taxing these minerals just as coal was.

The sad part is that the mineral rights owner ends up paying these taxes while the oil and gas companies get off scott-free from paying of these kind of taxes. At least coal companies paid the taxes instead of the mineral owner!!!
+2 #1 Wow 2018-05-29 16:30
Sure hope the county starts taxing these minerals just as coal was.

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