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April 10, 2018

Scott Osborn, President of the Lawrence County Organization of Teachers, Alan Short, Head Coach of the Lawrence County Bulldogs, and various LC schools staff members have organized a small community rally tomorrow at 5pm on the LC football field. 

The purpose of this rally is to inform the public what is going on with the governor and the legislature regarding public education, to show support for public education, to advocate for small local governments and school districts, and to celebrate our community and our schools. 

Right now, Mayor Harold Slone, President Osborn, a KEA representative, and various community members will be speaking. 

All Lawrence Countians young and old are invited to attend!  If possible, wear RED, and bring signs showing your support for LC schools and sports--all of which are endangered by the current budget crisis and the governor's war on Kentucky public schools.


Location:  LC football field
Time:  5-5:20 (?)pm


All are invited!!!



0 #1 Strike 2018-04-12 14:25
Nothing is going to happen until all teachers throughout the state strikes. They can't fire you all. They started the same rumor in West Virginia but they ALL went out. Bevin is bluffing you all out. Call his hand. The last thing he wants is a state wide strike. His worst political nightmare.Peopl e won't forget a strike election time on his watch.

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