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March 15, 2018


A large number of Lawrence County trash pick-up customers think they have been duped by their provider, Thompson Sanitation, LLC.

The company apparently went out of business earlier this month at least as far back as March 9 and lots of customers had pre-paid their bills. Now they will be forced to pay someone to pick up the trash -- again.

In Lawrence County proper trash disposal is mandatory for all residents. The Lawrence County Fiscal Court is responsible for choosing the five franchise companies who collect trash. But Thompson’s abrupt lack of service has caused trash to pile up and customers to demand answers on what to do.

"The Fiscal Court will be addressing this at the next court meeting which has been moved to March 27," Judge's office manager Michelle Miller said today. "The customers each contract with the haulers and unfortunately we don’t have them set up in districts."

Ms. Miller said she has been recommending two other companies that customers can call for service.

The county fiscal court awards five franchises to service the counties and the haulers more or less work out the territories.

County Attorney Mike Hogan said the situation is what it is.

“We’re gonna revoke Thompson’s franchise and pursue charges against him, Hogan said. “Honestly most people just need to get new service.  In the meantime we will try to get reimbursement for the one’s who have already paid bills.”

The county has placed Thompson Sanitation, which lists a Ft. Gay address,  on probation on at least one occasion in the past but decided it would be difficult for the remaining haulers to pick up the slack and allowed them to continue hauling.


Here are just some quotes from customers:


Tammy Adkins Horn:

I just wanted you to be aware, which I am fairly certain you already are about Thompson Sanitation and them dropping out and leaving people all over the county that have prepaid for months. No notifications, no refunds or anything. We prepaid 6 months. Some of our neighbors on Chapel Road have prepaid up for the whole year. I contacted the judge's office and the county attorney. It is wrong to bilk people out of thousands of dollars all over this county and just get away with it.

Tana Napier:

Feel free to use the story that I posted. IN addition, my father in law uses them too. Same with him. They didn't pick up for 4 weeks and before I switched him to MSW, his payment has already been sent to Thompson's for THIS month, so they basically owe him back for 2 months and they owe me for one.

Amanda Robertson is with Chuck Robertson:

Okay folks- Lawrence Ky and Wayne County WV- been on the phone this morning with Legislators Office and FBI (who are investigating this issue). They would like to know how many customers have been affected by this company!!! If you have family/friends that will post on here, any information they want to share, please add them to the group. If they don’t want to public ally post they can PM me their story! I’m determined to get justice for all involved!

Teena Arbaugh Brown: -- March 9 at 4:15pm

I am having the same issue with Thompson Sanitation. We paid for the year and they cashed our check on Dec. 23. They hadn’t picked our trash up for 3 weeks so I got somebody else thinking we could get a refund from them. I have talked to her dad and he told me to do what I have to do. I think we all need to get together and do something. I’ve called John Osburn's office several times and sent him a email, to get no answer except to get somebody else to pick it up or call Mike Hogan’s Office, which I did. He was supposed to call me back but that didn’t happen either. These people better remember that it’s a election year. A lot of people are upset over this including me. They owe us $216. That’s a lot of money.

Dave Henson:

16 hrs

Pre paid for 3 months they picked it up 3 times this year. By my count they are behind 7 pick ups.