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March 1, 2018

Threats Made Toward Fallsburg teacher

LPD to supply officer for the near future, Chief says  


 Ashland, Ky.  – On Wednesday, February 28, 2018 the Kentucky State Police Post 14 in Ashland was contacted by school administrators at Fallsburg Elementary and advised of a threat allegation directed at staff member.

Students at the elementary school reported that on the previous evening a high school student had made threats of violence and directed them at a teacher at Fallsburg Elementary.

The alleged statements had taken place while on the evening bus ride home.



Trooper Bryan Layne U/434 responded and began an investigation. During the course of the investigation it was determined a 14 year of age male student at Lawrence County high school had made statements related to him bringing a gun to Fallsburg Elementary and killing a former teacher.

The Lawrence County Attorney’s Office and Lawrence County Court Designated Worker were consulted and the 14 year old juvenile was charged with Terroristic Threatening 2nd Degree and has been lodged in the Boyd County Juvenile Detention Center.

More updates with quotes from Supt. Fletcher and County Atty. Mike Hogan are expected later today.


LPD Chief Fugitt commits officer to help guard schools 

LPD Chief Greg Fugitt sais: "I feel it is necessary to provide the most protection for our students as we possibly can."LPD Chief Greg Fugitt sais: "I feel it is necessary to provide the most protection for our students as we possibly can."

Statement from Chief Greg Fugitt – “Due to recent events throughout our nation and even threats here in our county, I feel it is necessary to provide the most protection for our students as we possibly can. With that said starting next week Monday morning March 5th I will take an officer off the road and place them in school Monday through Friday. Even though this is a temporary solution until other resources become available this officer will remain in the schools for the duration of this school year”.


-2 #6 CountyGal 2018-03-04 04:44
Hes running for Sheriff right? Just posing for the camera. Read between the lines. Total BS.
The photo of Fugitt is part of an earlier story about the City police helping monitor the schools.... Fugitt didn’t post this picture folks... it was posted by the Lazer staff so don’t chastise Fugitt for something he didn’t do...
+2 #5 Sheriff 2018-03-03 16:36
Hes running for Sheriff right? Just posing for the camera. Read between the lines. Total BS.
+6 #4 Go Citizen 2018-03-03 16:23
You are spot on citizen. I'm a retired teacher and you are absolutely correct. It is to the point in Lawrence County that you are not punished for major crimes against society. This is understood from an early age at home and at school. Thus a Snowflake society.
+9 #3 Citizen 2018-03-03 12:27
The schools took Discipline out of their Schools and off the School Buses so it does not Surprise Me that these kids are acting this way The schools will not punish the kids because if it means the Kids is to be put out of school they lose money for that kid being gone so they need to go back to the old way of doing things and that is let them do Discipline Not let the Kids run the Schools and take the Money out of the equation.
-2 #2 JustPolitics 2018-03-03 01:53
This complaint was handled by the KSP why is Fugitt standing there in his suit n tie when he done nothing? Why all of a sudden is he wanting to protect our kids, why not last year or even last month when Ky had a school shooting? The protection of our kids is #1 priority and it's a shame to use them as a political pawn... Don't be misled people ask questions is that promise of one officer for all the schools not just the high school and middle school that does not include Blaine and Fallsburg!!
+5 #1 Hum. m. 2018-03-01 18:58
There , are several schools in Lawrence County Ky ., district ... One officer ... to monitor several school buildings or what's the plans...really . Lawrence County , Ky school buses have, bus monitors , would it be a good plan to have monitors throughout , every school building , trained to monitor security for all students and school personnel? Lord, knows the non teaching staff is paid minimum wages , it would not break ( $$.00) , barrels on tap, remember, the school agreed to pay for former superintendent " Mike Armstrong's Doctorate degree, ( Mike, went north) . Make Lawrence Co. Ky schools safe as possible. First , pray, then pray, continue to pray, ask ,God to led the best ways. Prayers , Love, Kindness and Forgiveness needs in our hearts, minds, and actions. God , and discipline is needed in our families and schools, respect authority. Rules, are to obeyed, as applies to each of us. Report, bullying, threats, abuse, and fear, Never let such go unreported. My prayers of safety, and reign in all schools. Love your neighbor, not their actions. Nothing, we think or do surpasses, God's knowing all things. God , is all knowing.

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