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January 27, 2018

Joseph Currie, 28 of Ft. Gay passed away this morning (Thursday) due to extensive head injuries after being hit by a 2006 Ford vehicle that was gold in color.

Joseph and his son who just turned 7 just days before the accident. Joseph and his son who just turned 7 just days before the accident.

After repeated requests, the information released by the State Police Post #9 in Pikeville has been minimal.

The identity of the person driving the car has not been made public, nor the circumstances for some reason.

The accident happened on Route 23 near the 201 turnoff while Currie was walking North toward Louisa. The accident is still under investigation and as of now, no charges have been filed.

Currie’s family has set up a go fund me account as they do not have the money to finance his funeral at this time. Currie leaves behind a 7 year old son (seen in the picture).

See obituary information HERE


0 #4 Brittany 2018-03-23 14:18
Levisa Lazer....could you do an update on this? Are you able to find out any more information? Thank you.
0 #3 Vestigator 2018-02-21 05:21
What is KSP covering up? I could never find an update on this. One thought that comes to mind is that many state police vehicles are gold Fords....
0 #2 Britt Currie 2018-02-19 20:49
I care and so does my family and his young son actually we deserve to know how it happened and who did it even if it was a accident two families are in pain. And one child has lost his daddy and best friend so please if it doesn't concern you and you don't care keep the comments to yourself
0 #1 Jack Horner 2018-01-29 13:43
Long as it wasn't a hit and run, who cares who the driver sure they feel bad enough.

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