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January 20, 2018

Several with MULTIPLE Cases; Dalton receives one year sentence on sexual abuse charge


Tonielle AdkinsTonielle AdkinsTonielle Adkins, 27 pled guilty to an amended charge of Complicity Trafficking in a Controlled Substance from 1st degree to 2nd degree, time served given. Promoting Contraband was also amended and time served based upon completion of PSAP. (Drug Rehab). Final sentencing to be held on 2-9-18.

The defendant pled guilty to an amended charge of Burglary 1st degree to 2nd degree, sentenced to 10 years probation and 5 years with substance abuse follow up.

Final sentencing to be held on 2-9-18.

Sherry BowenSherry BowenSherry Bowen, 31 charged and on the docket for Fraudulent Use of ID Card of Electronic Code for Benefits. The defendant was not present and a bench warrant to be issued.







Tyler L. BranhamTyler L. BranhamTyler Branham, 34 the case is considered Moot. Sentencing next month on Fleeing Or Evading Police, 1st Degree On Foot, Persistent Felony Offender, Complicity Possession Of A Controlled Substance, 1st degree, Namely Methamphetamine, Failure Of Owner To Maintain Required Insurance/Security 1st Degree, No Operators License, No/Expired Kentucky Registration Receipt, Failure To Wear Seat-belts, Possession Of An Open Alcohol Beverage Container In A Motor Vehicle.





Tyler BurchettTyler BurchettTyler Burchett, 23 Sentenced To 3 Years (Diversion, Unsupervised Probation And Drug Court) For Tampering With Physical Evidence And 3 Years For Complicity Unlawful Possession Of Meth Precursor, 1st Offense, 3 Years For Complicity Possession Of A Controlled Substance, 1st Degree, 12 Months For Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, And 90 Days all concurrent for Complicity Possession of Marijuana.

On a separate case: Sentenced to 2 years on 1st Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance, Opiate, sentenced to Unsupervised Probation and Drug Court.





Matthew R. Caudill copyMatthew R. Caudill copyMatthew Caudill, was arraigned on Bail-jumping, 1st degree, Pretrial set for 2-9-18

On a separate cases: the defendant was present for Pretrial on Complicity 1st Degree Possession of Cocaine, 1st offense and Complicity Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 1st offense.

On a separate case: The Defendant was Present For Pretrial On 1st° Possession Of Cocaine, And Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia.

On a separate case: The defendant was Arraigned On Engaging In Organized Crime/Criminal Syndicate And Pre-Trial set for 3/9/18.

On a separate case: The defendant was Arraigned On 2 Counts Of 1st Degree Possession Of Cocaine, Operating A Motor Vehicle Under The Influence Of Alcohol/Drugs, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, And Operating On Suspended/Revoked Operators License.






Thomas J. DaltonThomas J. DaltonThomas Dalton, Jr., was sentenced to 1 Year For Sexual Abuse, 1st degree, Victim under The Age Of 12. 

Persistent Felony Offender Dismissed.









Freda DavisFreda DavisFreda Davis, Pled Guilty And Will Be Sentenced To 3 Years For Burglary, 3rd Degree, three years for tampering with physical evidence, 12 months for Possession Of A Controlled Substance, 2nd degree, 12 Months For Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, 12 Months For Theft By Unlawful Taking/Shoplifting Under $500, And 90 Days For Possession Of Marijuana, all charges run concurrent .

Final sentencing to be held on 2/9/18.




Shawn A. FitzpatrickShawn A. FitzpatrickShawn Fitzpatrick, defendant was Arraigned On Engaging In Organized Crime/Criminal Syndicate and Persistent Felony Offender.

Pre-Trial is set for 3/9/18. Bond to remain the same.







Donald K. HarrisDonald K. HarrisDonald Harris, was arraigned on Possession Of A Controlled Substance, 1st Degree And Complicity Trafficking In A Controlled Substance, 1st Degree (methamphetamine).

Pre-trial set for 2/9/18.





David Bryan Johnson David Bryan Johnson David Brian Johnson, 40 was arraigned with Escape, 2nd Degree, Fleeing Or Evading Police, 2nd Degree, Resisting Arrest And Persistent Felony Offender.

Hearing next month on 1/26/18.






Richard A. LaneyRichard A. LaneyRichard Laney, 57 pled guilty and received 3 years Suspended After 120 Days And Other Conditions, 90 Days For Operating On A Suspended/Revoked Operators License, Failure To Wear Seat-Belts and Failure To Surrender Revoked Operators License was dismissed.





Travis E. LayTravis E. LayTravis Lay, 21 was arraigned on Possession Of A Controlled Substance, Second Or Greater Offense, Escape 2nd Degree, Operating On Suspended/Revoked Operators License, Illegal Possession Of A Legend Drug And Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia. Pre-trial set for 2/9/18.

Bond remains the same.





 Lowell Justin Maynard Lowell Justin MaynardLowell Justin Maynard, 29 was present for a Probation Revocation Hearing.

The defendant stipulates to violations, pretrial diversion set aside and sentencing to be held on 2/9/18.






Jasmine MullinsJasmine MullinsJasmine Mullins, 21 was arraigned on Engaging In Organized Crime/Criminal Syndicate.

Pre-trial set for 3/9/18.





Michael PenningtonMichael PenningtonMichael Pennington, 21 was present on a motion of Limine (which is a motion made before a trial begins asking the court to decide whether particular evidence will be admissible, motion of Limine is most often made to exclude evidence about a party who believes that evidence with prejudice the jury against the defendant) The motion was granted except to commonwealth ability to prove results.

The defendant is charged with unlawful transaction with a minor 1st degree III Controlled Substance, under 18.





Lillian N. PerryLillian N. PerryLillian Perry, 37 was arraigned on 2 cases of Fraudulent Use of ID Card of Electronic Code for Benefits.

A motion to reduce bond was denied, pre-trial set for 2/9/18.





Steven PraterSteven PraterSteven Prater, 48 was arraigned on Rape, 2nd degree (no Force) and 5 Counts of Rape, 3rd degree, Sodomy 2nd degree, 5 Counts of Sodomy 3rd degree, and 10 Counts of Sexual Abuse, 1st degree.

Case reset for 2/9/18.





Ronald RatliffRonald RatliffRonald Ratliff, 50 was present for a Probation Revocation Hearing.

The case was reset for 1/26/18






Brian A. RoopBrian A. RoopBrian Roop, 31 was arraigned on Engaging In Organized Crime/Criminal Syndicate And Persistent Felony Offender, 2nd Degree.

Pretrial to be held on 3/9/18.






Kaitlin RoopKaitlin RoopKatlin Roop, 24 was arraigned on Engaging In Organized Crime/Criminal Syndicate And Persistent Felony Offender, 2nd Degree.

Pre-trial to be hailed on 3/9/18.






Winfred S. ScottWinfred S. ScottWinfred Scott, 27 was on the docket for Theft By Unlawful Taking $500 Or More But Under $10,000, And Receiving Stolen Property.

The defendant was not present a bench warrant to be issued.




+1 #9 Judge 2018-01-26 16:16
Crime is on the loose in Lawrence County. This judge is a joke.This is why your property is unsafe along with your children.
+1 #8 WheresTheJustice 2018-01-26 03:53
My daughter who was 3 years old at the time was raped and sodomized by her biological father. He was indicted on rape 1st degree, sodomy 1st degree (2 counts), and 1st degree child sexual abuse. My daughter got examined at Hopes place in Ashland where they found scar tissue in her anal. She talked to many people including social services, state police, child advocates, and a detective out of Ashland. Each time her account of what happened stayed consistent, not only that but she had her very own terminology to describe what had happened to her, and the actions to go along with her words. We all were sure that he would go to prison for what he had done. We went through several hearings where he was told to take a lie detector but he kept postponing it, then at last, he was forced to take it which he failed. He also took the alpha (Alford) plea. He would not admit or deny any of it which shows guilt. Anyway on the day of the competency hearing, my daughter had to face her father while she was asked if she knew the difference from a lie and the truth, the difference between day and night, and times and dates. When she couldn't tell them the Times and dates that these acts occurred, she was deemed incompetent to be a witness and her father walked. He is free, walking the streets, unknown that he is a pedophile while my daughter lives with the pain of what happened every day of her life. She has been diagnosed with ptsd, anxiety & depression. She has had five different stays in crisis centers, including The Ridge in Lexington because she became suicidal. To this day, she still talks to a counselor once a week. This has been her life. Her innocence was taken from her and the monster walks. Where's the justice for these innocent children? By the way, John David Preston was the judge in this case also.
+3 #7 seriously?!?! 2018-01-24 23:35
ONE YEAR for sexually abusing a CHILD under the age of 12?!?! are you kidding me? I'm blown away by this stupidity! I bet if this pathetic excuse for a man had a joint in his pocket he would get at least 10 years! I don't think its possible to be more disgusted with this court system in Lawrence County. is it possible to protest things like this?
+7 #6 Vent 2018-01-23 23:35
I hope every reader of this site vents their displeasure for this soft judge. This is an excellent forum to speak out against elected officials who do not protect the public and their property. Lets light this thing up ! Voice your opinion.
+1 #5 Seriously? 2018-01-23 16:42
Isn't the judge an elected official?
+1 #4 Vocal 2018-01-22 20:11
Folks, enough about the non-stance by judge preston. It's evident he doesn't care about handing out punishment. Perhaps he would if the victims were his family but until then, write your congressman about your displeasure with the judges leniency instead venting on this website.
+5 #3 omg!!!! 2018-01-22 19:42
isn't it amazing how u get nailed to the wall for small petty things but get a slap on the hand for things that u shouldn't see the light of day for... but what am I talking about this is louisa ky they do make up there own rules as they go for who they want... I know someone who doesn't have a license but keeps getting in wrecks and getting pulled over but gets nothing but take someone who forgot to pay there insurance on time and there car gets towed and everything... how is that right.. o yeah its louisa we don't have the same laws as the rest of the u.s.a.
+11 #2 What? 2018-01-21 20:04
One year for sexual abuse? Is that it? That monster will be out in a year and he’ll most likely do the same thing. Glad it’s not my child that was abused, because I’d kill the low life SOB. 1 year isn’t justice for the poor kid and/or the family. The judge needs to resign if he’s not going to provide justice for us ALL.
+15 #1 JusticeOpeace 2018-01-20 23:10
And once again in the Circus of justice that is Lawrence county, pretty much nothing was accomplished here and the beat goes on. And as usual, Judge Preston is at the helm.

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