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July 2, 2018

A spiffy new sign at the entrance of Ft. Gay, W.Va. is drawing rave reviews on social media and through word of mouth today.

Mayor Joetta Hatfield continues to earn rave reviews on the job she is doing to "clean up" the town and add a new look. Hatfield has had her hands full with the demolition of part of the old Ft. Gay School as well as nagging problems with the aged water system.

But the effort is paying off as residents and visitors are beginning to recognize how important 'visual' is to economic and social development.


The sign is painted in the old Ft. Gay High School colors of black and orange.The sign is painted in the old Ft. Gay High School colors of black and orange.

July 2, 2018

Amberly Haynes is 'Slowest bike rider in Lawrence County' 


Addison Burgess Addison Burgess


The heat index didn't keep the bicycle "parade" riders from Rediscovering Louisa on Sunday! Almost 35 participants were on hand between the bicyclists, walkers and the water warriors according to Cathi Kise Wells, co-organizer of the event. Kids and adults came with bikes decorated in red, white and blue to kick off the Independence Day week celebration!


Amberly Haynes was named 'Slowest bike rider in Lawrence County'Amberly Haynes was named 'Slowest bike rider in Lawrence County'

The ride was shortened to only about a mile and a half according to Wes Kingsmore, co-organizer due to the extreme temperatures.

"We were happy to see such a great showing but we wanted to make sure that no one overheated," Kingsmore said.

Once the community bike ride was completed, a new "competition" ride was held at Main Street Park. The "Slow Bike Race" had 12 entries with Ms. Amberly Haynes beating out Wes Kingsmore as the Slowest Bike Rider in Lawrence County!








Three year-old River Cantrell Three year-old River Cantrell

Three yr. old River Cantrell won as the youngest participant in the "parade" and Ms. Addison Burgess won for the best decorated bicycle with her three wheel bicycle with a bubble blower attached to the back.

More photos and videos of the Bike Ride can be seen on the Louisa/Lawrence County Trail Town Committee Facebook Page.

The next Community Bike Ride is scheduled for the first Sunday in August which will be Aug. 5th!

The next Trail Town event will be held this next Sunday, July 8th at the beach area at the county's primitive campground area on Yatesville Lake.

This will be a 'Yak and Hike' event. The event will begin at 3 pm and will include both kayaking and hiking on one of the trails in the campground. All Trail Town events are family oriented and free (if you have the equipment).

Legend Outfitters will be partnering in this event and is offering a Trail Town special if you need to rent a kayak! Please check out their FB page to find out more information about the event or contact Cathi Wells at 606-425-2662 and leave a message!



June 29, 2018

Religion vs LGBTQ? small towns

By Michael Newsome on FB

Tuesday night leading into Wednesday, the small community of Prichard, West Virginia seemed to be in controversy with the community of Fort Gay, West Virginia, that later led to a Kentucky community getting involved, too.

The issue was the rights or no rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transexual community locally.

After many opinions were traded back and forth on a post on Facebook, that led to the situation spiraling out of control.

Social media buzz kept the controversy going into Wednesday night around 11:30pm. There were individuals from, Floyd Co., Ky, all the way up to Charleston, WVa. involved in the battle for opinion on religion vs the LGBTQ. Some people made FB threats “to call the police”.

After Christian people spoke up for their beliefs in God and the Bible, others defended their right to freedom of speech defending LGBTQ.

The post was later deleted after some 475 comments in 3 hours, struck some nerves, (after involving people’s families and children) to help the controversy die down.

The back and forth barbs led to more then 500 independent posts on social media including Instagram, and Twitter about religion vs LGBTQ in the Tri-State within hours stirring up even more controversy.

No crimes have been committed at this time.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it moves forward...