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FRANKFORT, Ky.– Governor Steve Beshear, joined by Rep. Mike Denham, of Maysville, and Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) Chief Executive Officer Richard L. McQuady,  today signed into law a bill that will help families purchase and live in homes they can afford.

“This legislation not only enables more Kentuckians to receive a home loan they know is safe and secure, it also strengthens Kentucky’s housing market and economic recovery,” said Gov. Beshear.

HB 256 enables KHC, the state housing finance agency, to create a new program for homeowners whose incomes are up to 175 percent of the area median income.  Many two-income families had combined incomes that were above the income limits that KHC could serve, which disqualified them from receiving a KHC home loan and the down payment and closing costs assistance only available through KHC.  Without the down payment and closing costs assistance, homeownership was out of reach for these middle-income families.

“It was my pleasure to sponsor this legislation that not only assists Kentuckians in my district but throughout the state,” said Rep. Denham.  “Owning a home is the American dream.  It will now be possible for more families because of HB 256.”

The bill also enables KHC to refinance mortgages with affordable, fixed-interest rates for 15-year and 30-year terms and makes mortgages for second-time home buyers available through KHC.

“These new programs will afford many Kentucky families the opportunity to own a home through KHC,” said McQuady.  “Home buyers who use KHC can feel safe and secure in their fixed-rate home loan, which is serviced in Frankfort, Kentucky.”

These new changes will be effective at the end of April 2011.  Kentuckians who receive a loan from KHC work with one of 105 lending partner banks and mortgage companies located in communities throughout the state.  More information is available on KHC’s website at under Homeownership or by calling toll-free in Kentucky (800) 633-8896 or (502) 564-7630, extension 291, or TTY 711.

Weekly Feature...The Liss Jones column


I am not going to start reaching nor take up a collection…I, for some reason had to get this out…WHY? Because we have let organizations like the ACLU, Atheists and other religions almost take control of the United States, the different branches of government, education…and others who are afraid to speak out for fear of not being political correct…NOT ME! What brought this on….well, I was at a Southern Gospel Singing the other night and some of the songs got me to thinking…so…here is some of the things I thought about and wanted to share with you…

when is…

…really listened to the words of an old hymn…I mean really listened carefully to it’s words, and thought…wow what a story.

…the last time you looked deep into a sunset and marveled at the beautiful colors the hues as if painted by a master painter and wondered where did this come from?

…the last time you looked at a hillside and drank in all the many different plants, trees, blossoms and thought to yourself….Wow?

…the last time you walked beside or sat by a rambling brook and listened to its unique sound and watched insects play on its mirrored surface or a small mammal playing close by…and caught up amazement?

…the last time you witnessed the miracle of human birth and heard the first whimper of a child entering this world and wondered…how?

…the last time you saw a small child make a discovery on it’s own and rushed to show you…and you taered up?

…the last time you saw your little baby….walk down the isle to take a wife or husband and thought…we made it?

…the last time you saw a young kid become a man in one of the many uniforms of the U.S. Armed services and thought….I am proud of you?

…the last time you witnessed a birth come forth from the breaking of an egg…and again wonder…how?

…the last time you saw small animals playing with each other, knowing that some day they would be bitter enemies…and thought, why not forever?

…the last time you saw a bird flying through the air and wondered…what would be like to fly and how does it fly?

…the last time you really looked at your wife and stand in awe at how she does it…a mother, taxi driver, house wife, Doctor and many more things…and wonder how lucky you are or how you ended up with her?

…the last time you thought of the world and wonder how it came into being?

…the last time you looked at yourself in a mirror and wonder how the human fits into the Puzzle of Life?

I do not believe the world came into being as a result of the so called Big Bang Theory…and that is all it is…a Theory…meaning someone thinks it happened that way. The same for Darwin’s Theory of evolution…he thinks it happened no real proof. Proof of a Supreme Being…I think there is…when the whites arrived in America…they believed in a supreme being…by a different name than we know…plus all the “discovered” civilizations had someone on high they look to for guidance….

There is a story going around the Internet where an Atheist had brought suit against some one or organization that demanded a holiday be set aside for those non believers...similar to Christmas…after pondering the wise old judge advised the Atheist…that a day had indeed been set aside for him and other non-believers…it is the first of April, commonly known as April Fools Day!

My mother, Preacher Van Hoose, Aunt Sac Damron (both lived in the Bottom) told me long ago, the answers to Life and the above questions are found in ONE book…The Bible!

One last thing, to make sure we are on the same ground….

When is the last time you looked face to a face with a monkey and said…Hi Uncle!!! ?……..didn’t think you did…….

I can be contacted at the below addresses, and your comments are welcome in the space at the bottom of this page…

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From: Lawrence County 'Relay for Life' coordinator Sherry Burchett