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In God We Trust - Established 2008


LOUISA -- Anna Lafferre, of the Huntington Museum of Arts, joined the Louisa Rotary club on February 24, 2011.  She shared with the club some history of the beginnings of the Museum, current events, as well as some upcoming events.  Some of her earliest childhood memories begin at the Museum, she shared, and she is thrilled to be working there, now as an adult.

Currently, the Museum has a sub-tropical Conservatory, featuring many plants/flowers, including over 400 orchids; four permanent galleries: 1.) fire arms, 2.) Tuma Gallery, eastern collections with over 400 pieces of anchient orient, 3.) Glass Gallery, with 4,000 pieces, which only 1,000 can be seen at a time, and the 4.) Dane Callery, works on paper.

They also have five rotating shows at any given time.  Recently they've had the Redriver Show, which focuses on folk art, and American Artist of Color, featuring African American and Asian artists' works.

"I grew up here in Huntington, and have always enjoyed the Museum.  I went away after I graduated, came back, and even I'm amazed at what we have here," said Lafferre.


Membership is just $25 a year which gives you open acess for general admission and a membership magazine.

One of the main focuses of the museum has always been the education of children.  In keeping with that tradition, they have Saturday Kids Art from 1-3 pm, for FREE.

The museum hours are the following: Monday: CLOSED; Tuesday:9a-9p, with FREE admission; Wednesday-Sunday: 12p-5p.  And on every fourth Tuesday there are also FREE adult tours.

For more information on the Huntington Museum of Art: or 304-529-2701.

Breast Cancer Trust Fund Grant for $19,777 to implement new awareness

LOUISA -- The Lawrence County Health Department recently received a  Breast Cancer Trust Fund Grant for $19,777 to implement new awareness education through local businesses and other health partners. It should increase availability for no cost screenings in the next fiscal year.

Lawrence County’s breast cancer death rate at 32.7 percent compared to 27.0 percent for Kentucky is alarming. Past outreach efforts have revealed several barriers for women seeking breast cancer screenings. Lawrence County Health Department proposes to address these identified barriers for women needing breast screening services with collaboration of community partners and innovative outreach to local businesses.

These outreach activities will focus on recruitment of never and rarely screened women. Cost-free breast screenings will be provided for qualifying women through the Kentucky Women’s Cancer Screening Program (KWCSP). Community partners will host a charitable bikers’ run to promote awareness and raise funds for the KWCSP.

Implementing the 'Make It My Business for Breast Cancer Awareness' campaign would break down barriers of misconceptions and medical isolation. Through these coordinated community efforts, we expect to see a 15 percent increase in the number of participants of the Health Department’s KWCSP.