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Christmas Wishes'


As the years go by the holidays are getting harder and harder for many families. With Christmas vastly approaching many find themselves short of money, low on food, and can’t barely make it from month to month.

One family out of the kindest of their hearts have started a group on Facebook “Christmas Wishes”. Gina Ortiz and her mother Tonia White are based out of Wayne,W.Va. and allowed families to sign up with their needs and posted to the page for people to adopt their family and give them the Christmas they couldn’t do themselves.

Many families have already seen first hand that her group works. Last year was a great success and this year needs the community to come together and make this Christmas a memorable one as well. Bringing joy and happiness to families and kids all around. She not only helps those is West Virginia, but Kentucky, and Ohio as well. You don’t have to have kids to ask for help.

Gina would love to help each and every family but needs the help of the public to complete her mission. Will you be that angel for that family?

To help out please visit:!/groups/269225823125026/

All you need to do is look at her list and post underneath the number of the family that you wish to adopt. I personally can say I have seen a family receive their gifts and food for Christmas. I would like to thank Gina and her mother Tonia for their hard work and generosity that they have shown. Keep up the good work. Please contact Gina or Tonia for further details whether you are an individual or a business and can help out this year many will thank you for your generosity and kind hearts during these tough times.

Written and submitted by Tammy Scott