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September 21, 2017

Congratulations to the fourth recipient of the Ham of the Quarter Award, Ken Robinson, K4KBR!

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KY4ARC was formed in February 2006. Like most clubs it has seen its membership fluctuate over the years. When the hobby first went to the "no code tech" licensing system in the early ‘90's there was a drastic increase in the number of folks entering the hobby. For a while, the numbers have dwindled - we think in large part due to the widespread use of cell phones and other communication devices. However, recently, we now see a renewed interest in the hobby with the move away from Morse Code altogether.

Our current membership is 17, as of 20160507.

KY4ARC owns and maintains a repeater which operates on frequency 147.225 Mcs. with a positive offset and a 127.3 cps tone. Located, Paintsville, Kentucky. This repeater is part of the Eastern Kentucky Repeater Linked System. You can see the listing at

EchoLink node number 321424 operates on this system under KY4ARC call (KY4ARC-R). For info go to

The Repeater System has a CAT WX-200 Digital Weather Receiver Monitoring the National Weather Service for alerts and warnings, Amber alerts, and Civil Emergencies.

KY4ARC meets monthly on the First Thursday of the month at the Mayo Methodist Church (325 Third Street), Paintsville, Kentucky at 7:00p.m. (2300z). VE testing starts at 6:00pm (2200z) by previous appointment. Come early if want to fellowship with others. For those who use\ GPS, the co-ordinance is 37° 48' 58.61"N by 82° 48' 26.25"W.

Membership applications can be found in two ways by clicking one of the following, print and file it out, then mail it to the address on the form. Or, go to the "Members, Membership and How to Join" link above right.

Annual dues are $10 and payable at the January meeting.

Club activities include: Participation in Field Day each year, sponsoring a ARRL sanctioned volunteer examination team, "special events" stations. All activities are open to any amateur, but we hope you will like us enough to join the club and help support repeater operation. Anyone interested in joining the club can contact the club by using the coment form.

Also, we welcome visitors to our club meetings if you'd like to check us out before deciding whether to join.

Any comments, suggestions, error reporting are welcome .


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