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"Quilts for a Cause" is something new we are trying to start. This will provide individuals an opportunity to donate something handmade for the charity of their choosing.

All donated items will receive the same publicity and opportunities to raise money. All proceeds from each item will go to the maker's chosen, legitimate charity. In other words, I am donating a quilt to raise money for the Humane Society, that is an acceptable charity.

It would not be acceptable to donate a quilt and have the proceeds go to buy a new car - this isn't a "Go Fund Me" type of opportunity.

Also, while my donated item's proceeds is going to the Humane Society, another person may choose for their item's proceeds to go to the Food Bank or other charity. No one charity (unless only one item is donated) will benefit from this silent auction.

We hope to help many charities in the area. We will also have our quilts on display for our show and other items strictly for sale, not for a charity, just as we have at our past shows and bazaars.

Sandy Stark
638 - 0284



+2 #2 Sandy Stark 2017-09-11 16:18
Ellen, first of all thanks for the interest and questions. The items are not on display yet. In fact, we are asking for local artists and crafts people to make an item and donate it. This will be a Silent Auction held on Nov 3rd and 4th at the Extension Office, during the Quilt Guild's quilt show and craft sale. Payment from the winning bid should be made out directly to the designated charity. We want 100%of the proceeds from the Silent Auction to go to the charity designated by the makers.
-1 #1 ellen 2017-09-10 13:40
Where are these items located? Do we write checks to the designated charity or the person who made the quilt? Please provide details.

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