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LOUISA -- The cookbook is unique in that it is in two sections:  One section, entitled, "Heavenly Scents From Grandma's Kitchen", features recipe form our ancestors and has a picture of our old church on the cover.  Flip the cookbook over and up-side-down and this section is entitled, "Heavenly Scents From Our Kitchens" and contains recipes from our present day cooks.

Our new church is pictured on the cover of this section.  Also included in the cookbook is a brief history of The Louisa United Methodist Church written by church historian, William H. Jackson.  Short stories honoring many of our former cooks and some of our present day cooks are included in the cookbook.  The large cookbook contains over 300 pages.  The cookbook is on display/for sale at The Louisa Drug Store for only $20.00.

Posted by J. Lynn See