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January 5, 2018

Town of Ft. Gay to purchase 200 old water meters


The Louisa Water and Sewer Commission met in regular business session January 2, 2018 with Mayor Harold Slone presiding. In attendance were Board Members Jeff Kinser, Steven Lycans and Sam Lester. Others in attendance were Bud Adams, Jason Helton, Martin Wright, and Brandon Leedy.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:05pm, and opened with the pledge and prayer.
  2. Supervisor Martin Wright advised of Customer issue on Levisa Drive where a customer is having issues with a sewer that keeps stopping up. Discussion amongst the board members determined that the problem may lie in the city’s lateral line from the main sewer line being at too steep of a grade or could be the customer's service line at too steep of a grade. Martin will attempt to determine the grade of the lateral line, to determine if the city would need to change the lateral to solve the problem or if customer would be responsible for changing grade of their service line.
  3. Discussed and inquiry from citizens about the lack of fire hydrant at the Louisa United Methodist Church. Jeff Kinser will investigate to determine if a fire hydrant would work on the type of lines and distance from the water tank.
  4. Reviewed minutes from December 2017 meeting. Motion to approve Jeff Kinser, Second Sam Lester. All approve.
  5. Reviewed financials. Office Manager Jason Helton answered questions about various expenses. Motion by Heath Preston, Second by Mitch Castle to approve financials. All approved.
  6. Martin Wright updated on Meter Change project. The contractor has changed over 600 at this time.
  7. Mayor advised that the Mayor of Ft. Gay had contacted him to inquire if the city would be willing to donate or sell at lower price, the old water meters being removed during the City’s current meter changeout project. It was determined that the scrap value would be minimal for the old meters. Motion by Jeff Kinser, Second by Mitch Castle, to  sell 200 manual Meters to Ft. Gay for $1 each, to cover the cost of City Employees sorting through to locate usable meters. All approved.
  8. Louisa Mayor Harold Slone presented proposal for a resolution for the Utilities Dept. to participate in Kentucky Deferred Comp. Motion By Heath Preston, Second by Sam Lester. All approved.
  9. Louisa Mayor Harold Slone provided a demonstration of the UpKeep work order program that the City is now using. He advised that it has several features that would be useful, such as asset tracking and asset history, as well as inventory, and work order history, all of which is currently in the process of being implemented. Once fully in place, it should streamline work orders and maximize working efficiency
  10. The Board went into executive session. No actions were taken.
  11. The meeting then adjourned.



0 #1 Contract 2018-01-06 17:07
Who got the contract to install meters?

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