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Date: 08-11-2017


(FLIR DJI Zenmuse XT Drone)

Georgetown Police Department's drone helped officers locate a third suspect in a Aug. 6 attempted burglary at the old Kroger building.

Officers called to the scene at Washington Square Park nabbed two suspects and believed a third was still in the area, Assistant Chief of Police Robert Swanigan said.

Swanigan said they called the drone unit it, flying above the building gave officers a visual on where the third suspect was hiding.

"We would have caught the two guys on the ground, but the alarm company indicated more suspects," Swanigan said. "Our guys did a complete ground search and didn't find anything, but the drone immediately located the third suspect hiding in the corner on the roof."

Using a black-and-white heat signature FLIR camera, officers were able to post video footage the drone captured on their Facebook, showing the third suspect as a moving white figure on the roof.

Georgetown droneGeorgetown droneIn the video, the suspect followed the officer's order and was taken into custody with the other two suspects during the early morning response.

All three were arrested and charged for varying crimes, Swanigan said.

Chase Thomas Moody, 20, of Georgetown, was charged with third-degree criminal trespassing and possession of burglary tools.

Nathaniel Burl Tanner, 24, of Georgetown, was charged with third-degree criminal trespassing.

Derek Everett Harris-Dotson, 24, of Georgetown, was charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place (first and second offense) and third-degree criminal trespassing.

Swanigan said a man on the roof had burglary tools on his person.

He also said none of the individuals gave a "legitimate reason" for being outside the old Kroger at Washington Square around 2 a.m. Aug. 6.

Swanigan said this was the first arrest made from direct help from the drone, and the department continues to bring in the drone unit for suspicious activity, search and rescue and accident reconstruction cases.

By Amanda Kelly
Georgetown News-Graphic


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