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Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe asked Congress yesterday to let the Postal Service do something Congress has refused for 30 years to let it do: end Saturday mail delivery. "Lawmakers may be ready to grant" the request because the service is expecting a deficit of more than $8 billion, Ledyard King of Gannett News Service reports, noting bipartisan support from some senators.
But some who heard Donahoe at a committee hearing objected. Democratic Sen. Jon Tester of Montana said, "Cutting one day of delivery is a nail in the coffin that only weakens rural and frontier communities, where reliable postal service is a lifeline," King reports. "Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said any move to cut back on delivery days could spark "a death spiral" for the agency," Sean Reilly of Federal Times reports.

"Their constituents would be disproportionately hurt, they say, because they rely heavily on Saturday delivery of medicine, farm equipment and other critical items," King writes. "Those lawmakers also say they are not particularly comforted by the Postal Service's pledge to keep local post offices open on Saturdays because so many residents in rural America live miles away from them." (Read more)
In testimony before the Postal Regulatory Commission last September, the undersigned said much the same, arguing that the mail is a larger part of the civic infrastructure in rural America, and the Government Accountability Office found likewise. The commission recently told the Postal Service that it needed to study the rural impact before ending Saturday delivery.


Posted by Al Cross

Mr. Grayson,

We are looking for former members of the Lawrence County High School choir, under the direction of Jane Lowe to participate in an Alumni Choir. The choir will rehearse on Saturday June 11th from 12 – 5 at the Louisa United Methodist Church. They will present a concert on Sunday June 12 at 2:00 at the Louisa United Methodist Church. Anyone interested in participating needs to contact Annie Adkins Johnson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thanks for your help!

Annie Adkins Johnson

You may also contact Jane Lowe for additional information.

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An editorial by Liss Jones

Is God mad at the world, especially the United States? I will say this…if he is not totally mad at the world, he sure is giving us lots of direct hints that he is displeased with us…but again more specifically the United States.

What do you mean you ask?

Let me explain my thoughts…

When the first settlers came to the new world, they came with lots of ideas and wants. Want from tax without representation and the want of freedom of religion. For 150 years the Lord blessed this new nation that was based on religious principles. Then something started happening, some of the citizens on these United States of America started turning their backs on their creator. Before we knew it God was kicked out of schools, prayer could not be said at public gatherings that were sponsored by governmental agencies, the nativity could not be displayed on government property; References to the 10 Commandments were ordered, removed from Government offices, as a result of lawsuits brought against the several governmental agencies by the right hand of the Devil. An organization called the ACLU. These suits were disguised as helping ensure the separation of Church and State.

 Then, a President of the United States makes a statement that the United States is no longer a Christian nation, and from what I understand did not support a national day of prayer, a long standing activity supported by past presidents. The clergy of the various dominations lying, stealing, immoral sexual acts, but most of all NOT PREACHING THE WORD and not caring for their flock!

 What proof do I have that he is mad at us or is strongly hinting that he is mad? All through the Bible there is talk of curses or plagues being placed on those who fell out of his favor or those who just flat out disobeyed him. Plagues such as flies or locusts were sent as warnings. I do believe.

Well, no we don’t have many of those warning notices any more, because of God’s loving mercies he gave us the intelligence to produce man made treatments to eradicate or control those types of curse and medical knowledge to treat sickness. But what he has not given us yet, the intelligence nor capabilities to control the weather.

The Weather. Yup, the weather. Just stop and think about it. Global warming is real. Real, but not for the reasons as proclaimed by some scientists and a well-known politician. Real because it is part of God’s plan. Global warming is a natural phenomenon. But I have already told my thoughts on that. How many times have you heard old timers and weather folks make statements like: This is the coldest winter on record or that I have ever seen or this is the wettest spring I have ever encountered or this is the largest out break of tornados in recorded history or the hurricanes are becoming more server and more frequent? I do not need to remind anyone of the recent activities in the southern states, or the raging Mississippi River and it’s flooding, now and it’s flooding of the past few years or the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina. And least we forget the record and continuous snowfall in the Northeastern United States.

Let's not forget that other people of other religions are physically attacking our way of life just because of who we are and how we believe.

As for the world, notice that earthquakes are coming more frequently and are more severe causing thousands to die or be maimed and losing everything, complete cities wiped from the face of the earth. Then add in the wars and more wars, the killings of men, women and children simply because they belong to another sect or because of their religion as in biblical times before the earth was destroyed.

This world has turned evil and I do believe that the Master is getting fed up with the people to whom he gave life, nurtured, loved, forgave and died for, fed up to the point that the trumpet will soon sound…unless we turn and face him….

These are my thoughts.

What do you think?

I can be contacted at the below addresses, and your comments are welcome in the space at the bottom of this page…

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