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January 3, 2018




UPDATED: Computer problems temporarily shut down state motor vehicle registration

From staff reports
Frankfort State Journal

A software problem temporarily shut down the statewide motor vehicle registration system Wednesday, said Franklin County Clerk Jeff Hancock.

The system, upgraded over the holidays, and implemented Tuesday, worked for about 15 minutes Wednesday before being shut down, Hancock said. The system, which processes funds, also did not work on Tuesday, he said.

The county clerk’s office is using a prior version of the state’s motor vehicle registration software to process funds, he said.

Hancock said he could not describe the nature of the software problem because employees were unable to use the upgraded motor vehicle registration period for long before it stopped working.

Unless the software fails again, Hancock said customers should not see delays at the clerk’s office for motor vehicle registration.

For more information or to contact the Franklin County Clerk’s office, call 502-875-8702.



UPDATE: Lawrence Co. Clerk Chris Jobe says the state has switched back to its old system and it is up and running for motor vehicle business. (1:00 pm Wednesday)

January 3, 2018


(original release)

LAWRENCE CLERK Chris Jobe (LAZER FILE PHOTO) says his system is up and running for motor vehicle business. (1:00 pm Wednesday) after a three day interruption.LAWRENCE CLERK Chris Jobe (LAZER FILE PHOTO) says his system is up and running for motor vehicle business. (1:00 pm Wednesday) after a three day interruption.LOUISA, Ky. -- Lawrence Clerk Chris Jobe said this morning that state computer systems are down in the motor vehicles division and he cannot accept payment or transact those services.

The problems began last Friday as a new system to transact payments and register vehicles of all types, pay taxes on them, etc. was being installed.

Jobe said the issue is expected to be resolved soon -- in the next day or so -- and he will advise the public when the state clears up the problem. 


Here is his message:

"...The County Clerk's Office is currently unable to do Motor Vehicle Transactions due to statewide issues with Kavis, the system that runs the motor vehicle taxing for the state.The state has installed a new Point of Sale System and they are working on the problem.We have no estimated time of repair. Please call the clerk's office to check on the updates at - 638-4108 or 638-0504.We will keep you updated on any changes. We apologize for any inconvenience..."

Thank You,

Chris Jobe Lawrence Co. Clerk...


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