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JUNE 15, 2018



June 18, 2018; 6:00 p.m.

Lawrence County High School

Louisa, Kentucky




Mission:  Every Child College and Career Ready; A Community Involved and Informed

The Pledge to the United States Flag




4.A. Superintendent’s Update

4.A.1.  Personalized Learning for Teachers (Conference & Micro-credentials)

4.A.2.  Personalized Learning for Students

4.A.3.  Vision Statement for Board Review for Special Board Meeting

4.A.4.  Special Board Meeting Date- June 27 @ 5:00 PM

4.A.5.  Annual Principal Calendar Development

4.A.6.  Local Planning Committee Update

4.A.7.  KASA/KASS Conference for July 25-27

4.A.8.  Superintendent Vacation (June 28-July 6)

4.B. Public Comment


5.A. Approve Minutes of the May 10, 2018 Special Meeting &Tentative Budget Work Session and May 21, 2018 Regular Meeting

5.B. Approve Claims and Orders of the Treasurer

5.C. Approve the Monthly Financial Report: Finance Officer Brandi VanHoose

5.C.1. Bank Reconciliation Report

5.C.2. MUNIS Balance Sheet and Monthly Financial Report

5.C.3. Finance Update


5.D. Approve Consent Agenda items:

5.D.1. Per diem and expenses for members present

5.D.2. Contracts & Services:

5.D.2.a. D-C Elevator Company, Inc. annual price adjustments for service agreements with LMS and LCHS

5.D.2.b. Annual ASEOP (absence and substitute management) renewal with Frontline Education; July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019: $13,898.69

5.D.2.c. Annual KEEIS Consortium Partnership Fee with PSST Seamless Data Solutions; July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019: $5,055.00

5.D.2.d. TalentEd Renewal with PeopleAdmin; July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019: $6,955.26

5.D.2.e. Annual Sports Complex Turf Management Contract with Quicksand Farms, LLC; July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019: Total: $13,120.00

5.D.2.f. 2018-2019 Special Education Services: (pending liability insurance)

5.D.2.f.1. Physical Therapy: Anna Frazier-Brooks, Inspire Therapy Services

5.D.2.f.2. Orientation and Mobility: Karen Hinkle

5.D.2.f.3. Speech Services: Ginger Johnson-Fife

5.D.2.f.4. East Kentucky Psychological Resources

5.D.2.g. 2018-2019 Contract for Nonresident Pupils with the Johnson County School District

5.D.2.h. 2018-2019 Memorandum of Understanding with Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Community Work Transition Program (CWTP)

5.D.2.i. KEDC Education Innovation and Research (EIR) Program Grant Participation Letter of Support

5.D.2.j. 2018-2019 Youth Career Connect (YCC) Memorandum of Understanding between KEDC and Lawrence County Schools

5.D.3. Requests:

5.D.3.a. Request for creation of Lawrence County High School Boys Soccer Booster Club

5.D.3.b. Use of Facilities:

5.D.3.b.1. LCHS gym by OnPoint Ballers for boys basketball clinic; May 29, 2018; Carla Booth & Travis York; pending documentation/liability insurance

5.D.3.b.2. LCHS baseball Field & Facility by American Legion for American Legion State Baseball Tournament; Travis Feltner & Mike Delaney; July 24-29, 2018; with certificate of liability insurance

5.D.3.b.3. LCHS gym by Sports City U for girls basketball clinic; June 20-21, 2018; Jim Clayton; with certificate of liability insurance

5.D.3.b.4. LEES gym by RiseAbove, Inc / Hoops for Hope for basketball tournament; June 22-24, 2018; Derek Hinkle and Matt Brown; pending proof of liability insurance

5.D.3.c. Requests for Assistance:

5.D.3.c.1. Permission for overnight school trip to FFA State Convention in Lexington, Kentucky; Melissa Blackburn; and request for assistance with cost of lodging; $1,505.76

5.D.4. For Review/FYI: (no action required)

5.D.4.a. School Activity Fund Reports (except FES): May

5.D.4.b. SBDM/Advisory Council Minutes (LMS; FES; LCHS)

5.D.4.c. 2017-2018 KHSAA Annual Verification of Title IX Procedures

5.D.4.d. KSBA: SB101: New Filing Requirements for all School Board Candidates 5.D.4.e. KSBA: 2018 Summer Leadership Institute on July 13-14


5.E.1. Introduction

          Dr. Robbie Fletcher, Superintendent, and Dr. Webb, Chief Academic Officer

5.E.2. School Quarterly Reports

Louisa West Elementary (K-1): Debbie Delong, Principal; Louisa East Elementary (2-5): Anna Prince, Principal; Blaine Elementary School (K-8): Shawn Jennings, Principal; Fallsburg Elementary School (K-8): Sara Bowen, Principal; Louisa Middle School (6-8): Joey Cecil, Principal; Lawrence County High School (9-12): Christy Moore, Principal

5.E.3. Plus/Delta & Next Steps for District Quarterly Report
          Dr. Robbie Fletcher, Superintendent, and Dr. Webb, Chief Academic Officer

5.F. Review/Approve 2018-2019 District & School Professional Development Plans

        Dr. Webb, Chief Academic Officer

5.G. Approve 2018-2019 District Travel Reimbursement Rate

5.H. Approve adult lunch ($3.50) and breakfast ($2.50) prices for 2018-2019 (same as last year)

5.I. Approve Lawrence County Schools Procurement Plan Child Nutrition Plan

5.J. Approve 2018-2019 LCHS student fees:

5.J.1. 2018-2019 LCHS Student Fees (includes Chromebook Usage & Damage/Loss Fees)

5.J.2. 2018-2019 LCHS Sports Ticket Fee Schedule & Guidelines

5.K. Approve permission for LCHS to apply for KVEC’S “Tiny House” Purpose Driven Learning Opportunity Grant

5.L. Approve Section 504 and ARC Chairpersons for 2018-19 to include Director of Special Education, Principals, Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors, Freshman Academy Instructional Coordinator, and LCHS Special Education Department Chair

5.M. Approve First Reading of Annual KSBA Policy Updates, as follows: 01.0 Definitions; 01.11 General Powers and Duties of the Board; 01.111 District Planning; 01.2 Board Member Qualifications; 01.42 Regular Meetings; 01.43 Closed Sessions; 01.83 In-Service Training; 01.91 Authorization of Charter Schools; 01.911 Charter School Application Process; 01.9111 Charter School Contract; 01.912 Charter School Monitoring, Assessment, and Annual Reports; 01.913 Charter School Renewal, Non-Renewal, Revocation, and Closure; 01.914 Conversion to Charter Schools; 02.421 Election of School Council Members (SBDM); 02.442 Comprehensive School Improvement Plan; 03.11 Hiring (Certified Personnel); 03.121 Salaries (Certified Personnel); 03.1235 Educational/Professional Leave (Certified Personnel); 03.18 Evaluation (Certified Personnel); 03.21 Hiring (Classified Personnel); 03.221 Salaries (Classified Personnel); 03.27 Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Classified Employees (Classified Personnel); 03.4 Substitute Teachers; 03.6 Volunteers; 04.1 Budget Planning and Adoption; 04.32 Procurement; 04.91 Financial Statements and Reports; 05.5 Security; 06.33 Regular Bus Stops; 06.34 Conduct on Bus; 08.1341 Essential Workplace Programs; 08.1345 Federal Programs; 08.13451 Title I – Parent and Family Engagement Policy; 08.3 School Calendar; 09.11 School Attendance Areas; 09.12 Admissions and Attendance; 09.1231 Dismissal from School; 09.211 Health Care Examination; 09.22 Student Health and Safety; 09.224 Emergency Medical Treatment; 09.227 Child Abuse; 09.313 Eligibility (Athletics)

5.N. Approve Review of Annual KSBA Procedure Updates, as follows: 01.91 AP.1 Charter School Authorization; 01.911 AP.1 Charter School Application; 01.9111 AP.1 Charter School Contracts; 02.14 AP.2 Evaluation of the Superintendent; 03.11 AP.1 Hiring (Classified and Certified Personnel); 03.11 AP.21 Job Vacancy Notice (Certified Personnel); 03.121 AP.1 Salaries; 03.121 AP.22 Personnel Documents (Classified and Certified Personnel); 03.18 AP.22 Evaluation Committee/Evaluators and Observers (Certified Personnel); 05.45 AP.1 Crowd Control; 06.32 AP.1 Eligibility for Transportation; 08.133 AP.1 Extended School/Direct Student Services; 09.111 AP.21 Home Schooling Notification; 09.12 AP.1 Student Enrollment and Homeless/Immigration Status; 09.224 AP.1 Emergency Medical Care Procedures; 03.6 AP.21 Criminal Records Release Authorization for Volunteers

5.O. Approve to award bid for banking services for 2018-2019

5.P. Approve to award bid for maintenance vehicles as surplus property

5.Q. New Business


6.A. Approve creation and/or changes regarding positions

6.B. Approve Brandi VanHoose as Treasurer to the Board for a term beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2020

6.C. Approve Betty Mullins as Secretary to the Board for a term beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2020

6.D. Superintendent Professional Growth and Evaluation System (SPGES)

6.E. Approve to acknowledge receipt of Superintendent's Personnel Action/Update




June 15, 2018


Lawrence County represented in program by Kylie Maynard

PIKEVILLE, Ky. – Twenty-five Kentucky high school students from nine counties across the region recently completed the annual Professional Education Preparation Program (PEPP) at the University of Pikeville-Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine (KYCOM). The residential program provides high school students with an opportunity to learn about the medical profession. Nearly 900 students have participated in the university’s program since its inception in 1999.

Photo caption: First row, from left: Amy Adkins, Shelby Cline, Baleigh Noland and Abigail Johnson. Second row: Molly Malone, Chesney Flynn, Olivia Robinson and Abby Johnson. Third row: Kylie Maynard, Devyn Shoemaker, Renee Lumley, Jayla Logan and Selena Mattingly. Fourth row: Isabella Justice, Beth Buttery, Katie Mavis, Hannah Daniels and McKenna Brashear. Fifth row: Jackson Holland, William Chang, Noah Stealy and Carson Hayes. Sixth row: Humza Ahmad, Jay McDaniel and Brock Runyon.Photo caption: First row, from left: Amy Adkins, Shelby Cline, Baleigh Noland and Abigail Johnson. Second row: Molly Malone, Chesney Flynn, Olivia Robinson and Abby Johnson. Third row: Kylie Maynard, Devyn Shoemaker, Renee Lumley, Jayla Logan and Selena Mattingly. Fourth row: Isabella Justice, Beth Buttery, Katie Mavis, Hannah Daniels and McKenna Brashear. Fifth row: Jackson Holland, William Chang, Noah Stealy and Carson Hayes. Sixth row: Humza Ahmad, Jay McDaniel and Brock Runyon.

Students spent one week on campus studying anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, pathology and pharmacology of the major human organ systems through presentations provided by KYCOM faculty, fellows and second-year medical students. PEPP students participated in gross anatomy and functional anatomy labs and engaged in clinical observations at Pikeville Medical Center.

UPIKE’s PEPP program is designed to provide an understanding of rural medicine, what it takes to get into a medical education program and the dedication needed to succeed in the medical profession. It also helps to build confidence and self-esteem and provides students with the encouragement to seek challenging course work as they prepare for higher education.

Participants in the program included:
Jayla Logan from Central High School; Beth Buttery and Olivia Robinson from Clay County High School; Carson Hayes, Baleigh Noland and Noah Steely from Corbin High School; Katie Mavis from East Ridge High School; Devyn Shoemaker from Harlan County High School; Kylie Maynard from Lawrence County High School; Jay McDaniel from Magoffin County High School; Chesney Flynn from McCracken County High School; McKenna Brashear and Hannah Daniels from Perry County Central High School; Amy Adkins, Humza Ahmad, William Chang, Jackson Holland, Isabella Justice and Brock Runyon from Pikeville High School; Shelby Cline, Abigail Johnson and Abby Johnson from Shelby Valley High School; and Renee Lumley, Molly Malone and Selena Mattingly from Williamsburg High School.



Laura Damron
Director of Public Affairs
University of Pikeville
Office: 606-218-5272
Cell: 606-213-5613


June 14, 2018

Two from Louisa, one from Inez have parts in international tour of Spain including five full concerts

MOUNT STERLING, Ky. -- After 10 days of bridging cultural gaps with songs and smiles, Morehead State University’s Concert Choir and Chamber Singers have returned home from their concert tour of Spain.

The choirs, led by Dr. Greg Detweiler, professor of music, presented five full concerts and four additional mini-concerts to packed audiences in Madrid, Toledo, Alcalá la Real, Valencia, Monserrat, Barcelona, and the Úbeda International Festival of Music and Dance.

Parroquia Santa Catalina Valencia Spain 2018 Parroquia Santa Catalina Valencia Spain 2018

Participating were:

Sopranos - Kristan Birchfield, Inez; Janessa Broadhurst, Louisville; Ashlyn Denney, Jackson, Ohio; Heaven Jones, Vanceburg; Miranda Justice, Pikeville; Summer Lighthall, Burlington; Parker Poulos, Mt. Sterling; Kay Rothermund, Morrow, Ohio; Samantha Schmitt, Petersburg; Reagan Stamper, Fisty; and Abreona Walker, Louisville.

Altos - Aarika Castle, Taylorsville, Eliza Eaches, Wheelersburg, Ohio; Cassie Gibson, Catlettsburg; Bailey Hobbs, Shepherdsville; Kyrsten Humphrey, Louisville; Brooklyn Ison, Lexington; Kaitlyn Osborn, Louisa; Tania Sempertegui, Guyaquil, Ecuador; Jasmine Wheeler, Morehead; and Sarah White, West Union, Ohio.

Tenors - Noah Bruce, Louisville; Alexander Castle, Ashland; Timothy Conner, Cincinnati; Matthew Hammond, Louisa; Ross Haney, Carlisle; Tristan Hinkle, Barbourville; Mark Reinhardt, Minford, Ohio; Jacob Thacker, Shelbiana; and Austin Wood, South Point.

Basses - Broderick Beighle, Williamstown; Dakota Burnette, Jackson, Ohio; Benjamin Cole, Manchester, Ohio; Nathan Connell, Kalispell, Montana; Kyle Goodson, South Point, Ohio; Andrew Hall, Ashland; Nicholas Hites, Prestonsburg; Jackson Hurt, Richmond; Michael Jarman, Lexington; Jorian Johnson, Troy, Ohio; Joseph Miller, Owensboro; Travis Woodard, Owingsville; and Dylan Pierce, Worthington.

The a cappella program titled “From Darkness to Light” formed a kind of pilgrimage with the overall theme of walking from darkness to light—from the loss of love to the hope of new love, from sadness to joy, from loneliness to the warmth of friends’ and God’s love, and from pain and death to trust, new life and song.

The choirs shared music from Kentucky and the Americas and pieces that honored Spain’s influence in the world.

Notable pieces included a newly composed piece by Kentucky composer, Richard Burchard (“Dios Te Salve Maria”), Morten Lauridsen’s “Soneto de la Noche,” a Filipino folk song arrangement (“Rosas Pandan”), and a trilogy of spirituals arranged by Moses Hogan. The program’s theme of light was best captured by Ēriks Ešenvalds’ “Stars” written for water glasses and choir and conducted by Connell, a senior.

According to Detweiler, the concerts were enthusiastically received with standing ovations and all the concerts closed with encores including “Pilgrim’s Hymn” by Stephen Paulus.

“It is always great for our students to experience singing in ancient cathedrals with fantastic acoustics and to see how very much Europeans enjoy choral music,” said Detweiler.
Reinhardt, a senior, said his favorite memory of the tour was “having the privilege to sing at the pilgrimage cathedral of Montserrat with the Black Virgin Mary. When we began to sing ‘Dios Te Salve Maria,’ I was overwhelmed with pride. Our choir received applause from an otherwise quiet audience, and we had the perfect stage for such a powerful song.”

Soloist throughout the program included Lighthall, Denny, Eaches, Broadhurst, Bruce, Johnson and Jarman.

“We grew with each performance and it made the ending concert so incredible,” said Broadhurst.

Students observed and participated in Spanish culture in many ways. Highlights included visits to the Royal Palace in Madrid, the cathedrals of Toledo, the Alhambra Palace in Granada, the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Park Güell and the Holy Family Cathedral in Barcelona, hiking in Montserrat, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, and hearing a Spanish musical ensemble at the good-bye dinner.

“The people in Spain were incredibly hospitable. Our two tour guides confided in me that our group was different from any they had ever met, and that they were going to miss us all terribly. They cried at the airport when we left and that touched my soul more than I can explain,” said Reinhardt.

Broadhurst added, “the trip definitely made me grow as a student, but more importantly, as a human being. I had never traveled internationally before and it was an enriching experience not only to see how the Spanish people live, but how the choir family took it all in. They enjoyed their food quietly and with friends and family.

“There is nothing like an international tour. Both as a member of a group and an individual, I faced my fears, overcame obstacles, witnessed beauty that brought me to tears, and strengthened my voice. I became closer with everyone in the choir.”

“It felt great seeing how our choir touched people’s hearts through our music even though we had a language barrier. Sharing music internationally opens your eyes to new things such as seeing giant mountains, tasting new things like octopus, and hearing new things such as singing in historic cathedrals. I have been blessed by this choir to travel to Ireland, Italy, and Spain within my time here at MSU. I'm so glad I chose Morehead State University for these travel opportunities and hope one day that I can be a future patron to help future tours,” said Jasmine Wheeler, Morehead senior.

“The biggest thrill for me, however, was seeing the students enjoy making music together and striving to touch the lives of all who listened. I will never forget our final concert. How very proud I was and will remain of all of them,” said Detweiler.

Concert Choir and Chamber Singers represent the university on regional, national and international tours. Other recent trips have included tours to Italy, Hungary/Austria, Costa Rica and Ireland.

To learn more about MSU’s Music, Theatre and Dance programs, visit or call Detweiler at 606-783-2480.

MSU is an affirmative action, equal opportunity, educational institution.

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