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Un-masking a Culture Tradition;

LCHS sophomore Breanna Howell enjoyed the masksLCHS sophomore Breanna Howell enjoyed the masks

By LCHS Kayla Leedy, a sophomore Journalism student

After long hours of gluing feathers and flowers and painting bright colors, the Spanish Club members displayed rows of beautiful masks at a traditional Spanish Holiday party, The Day of the Dead.

Mrs. Emma Price, LCHS Spanish teacher, coordinated the activity on October 31, to allow her students to experience a celebration from a different culture.

Held during the late afternoon, the party enabled students to try different foods, decorate a traditional altar, listen to different speakers and wear their colorful creations. “The mask is something that is a part of the Day of the Dead parties, and I thought that it would give students a way to learn a little more about the culture,” Price said.

The winning mask which featured bright colors, ribbons and pom poms was created by sophomore Breanna Howell who was honored at being chosen. “There were a lot of great masks so I was shocked when I found out I had won,” Breanna smiled. She received an Amazon gift card in recognition of her success.

Mrs. Price’s goal of acquainting students with traditions in other countries was realized as many students reacted positively to the event. “It was an eye opening day for me,” said sophomore Tiffany Triplett. “It taught me about how they “celebrated” the lives of the dead. It taught me when people die, yes you will be sad and grieves, but you have to be thankful and be happy for their life and that you were a part of it”.

With the help of many students and staff, Mrs. Price’s Day of the Dead will live in the memory of all those who participated. “I think the day went well,” she said. “The students got a lot out of the experience.”


(LCHS Journalism Teacher Mary Mann's students are writing stories about events at the school for publication and doing a great job.)

FCA is back at LCHS!

by LCHS sophomore Journalism student, Kayla Leedy


BULLDOG LANE, -- After a two-year absence, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is meeting again three mornings a week at Lawrence County High School.

According to Dr. Lonnie Laney, LCHS science teacher, students asked him to reorganize the group and elected senior Phillip Barnet as president. Laney was pleased to be a part of the reorganization. “I was excited that our students wanted to start this up again,” said Laney.

Dr. Lonnie LaneyDr. Lonnie LaneyThe Fellowship of Christian Athletes, founded in 1954 by Don McClanen, was organized for professional athletes to positively witness to Jesus Christ. At LCHS, however, FCA is not for athletes only. According to FCA member, Madison Arrington, “Everyone is welcome."

"We like to say we’re the 'Fellowship of Christian Anybodies' because not everyone who attends is an athlete, Ms. Arrington said. "We are just thankful for the students who want to bring God back into our schools.”

The FCA at Lawrence County High School has four core values: integrity, service, teamwork, and excellence, and gives students a chance to come together to pray and read scriptures and sometimes even sing. Dr. Laney acknowledged that club membership is currently a bit low, but he anticipates seeing it grow. “Those coming are very dedicated,” he smiled, “and that is great.”

L.C.H.S. ART SHOW 2011, Schutzberg's class offers 300 pieces;

by Katie Kelley, senior journalism class member at LCHS

BULLDOG LANE, --Picture upon picture covered the walls of the Lawrence County High School band room on Friday, September 30, 2011. For the first time in several years, Ms. Susan Schutzberg held an art show to display the work of students in her Humanities classes.

Over 300 of the best quality pieces were put in the show. “I have lots of fine artists in class this year, and I wanted to display their efforts,” Ms. Schutzberg said. “They were very meticulous; they took their time and put a lot of effort and care into their work. I think their works were excellent examples of the principle or element they were trying to show.”

During the day students from other classes attended the show and voted for the pieces they thought were best. “I liked it a lot, and the use of color was really spectacular,” said Dylan Frazier, a senior attendee. “I was really impressed.”

The student voting reflected Ms. Schutzberg’s own choices, and recognition was given as follows:

For Arbitrary Color- 1st place Logan Mills, 2nd place Bethani Derifield, 3rd place Megan Moore, 4th place Morgan Pack.

For Harmony/Variety- 1st place Caitlyn Barnette, 2nd place Trixie Williamson, 3rd place Jacob Estep, 4th place Emily Leibee.

For Texture- 1st place Merissa Bowman, 2nd place Allyson Wheeler, 3rd place Phillip Barnette, 4th place Kristin Baldwin.

For Perspective/ Other- 1st place Lydia Fann, 2nd place Kayla Rucker, 3rd place Rondel Johnson, 4th place Sherana Tomblin.

For Rhythm/Movement- 1st place Katie Kelley, 2nd place Caitlyn Barnette, 3rd place Beth Bowens, 4th place Emily Leibee.

For Emphasis- 1st place Bethany Taylor, 2nd place Sherana Tomblin, 3rd place Kara Kirk, 4th place Allyson Wheeler.

For Balance- 1st place Bethany Taylor, 2nd place Leeann Moore, 3rd place Allyson Wheeler, 4th place Beth Bowens.

For Best in Show- Bethany Taylor.

Will Lawrence County High School repeat the art show next year?

Ms. Schutzberg smiled, “I hope to have another show next year. I guess it will depend on the group of students I have.”