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April 21, 2018

Rotary visits 'The Lion King' At LMS; Annual Show drawing rave reviews and SRO crowds

Louisa Rotarians gathered at the Louisa Middle school on Thursday, April 12th for their weekly meeting to watch “The Lion King,” a yearly play put on by the Louisa Middle School Performing Arts Troupe. The play is always an exciting field trip for Rotarians and a refreshing break from the normal meeting.

Mrs. Tonya Castle-Burkett, director  and music director, choreographer, acting coach, costuming, hair, makeupMrs. Tonya Castle-Burkett, director and music director, choreographer, acting coach, costuming, hair, makeup

The Lion King, directed by Tonya Castle-Burkett was showed on Thursday and Friday at 7:00 P.M. to packed crowds and Louisa Rotarians got a quick peek at the amazing talent we have at L.M.S. and all around our county.

LMS principal Joey Cecil introduced the play and stated, “I always loved our Performing Arts. And actually, we've had a few students make it big in the field. It is always a good feeling when that happens.”

The school's philosophy is: ...centered on the whole child, understands the social, emotional and physical changes of students this age, places emphasis on developing personal organization systems and responsibility, places emphasis on academic success and offers varied experiences for our children to try new things and succeed.

As always the play never disappoints. As Rafiki says, The past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it. As the brochure states, KEEP CALM AND HAKUNA MATATA!

The CrewThe Crew

The Cast:

Rafiki…Kassidy Burke
Mudasa… Brendon Meadows
Sarabi…Abby Preece
Zazu… Aubrey McCreary
Scar…Kara Parks
Young Simba… Landon Bays
Nala…Emma Isaac
Sarafina…Kaysey Cooksey
Banzai…Rikki Stanford
Shenzi…Samantha Marcum
Ed…Joey Moore
Hyena…Alex Brooks, Trenton Yaunk, Austin Hall
Timon…Kylie Cramer
Plumbaa…Abby Nelson
Lionesss’s…Sofia Marcum, Hannah Delong, Kynzie Borders, Hailey Jude, Cameron Diamond, Marie Sipple, Montana Frazier
Stage Manager…Paige Holley

Ensemble: Dalelenia Johnson, Mia Bartley, Kynlie Cook, Kinsley Preston, Kiason Ward, Kyleah Ward, Shelbie Hughes, Sara Shapaka, Stevie Smith, Maelee Marcum, Kylie Mills, Katie Jude, Alexa Webb, Kayleigh Parker, Charity Crockett, Nakota Mollett, Ethan Holbrook, Jacob Bailey, Riley Sammons, Jonah Stepp, Christian Sutphin, Jack Harrison, Allyson Hickman, Emma Halfill, Tyra Hammond, Callie Robertson, Breanna Robinette, Morgan Pack.


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Disney's The Lion KingDisney's The Lion King


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Quoting Citizen:
It's Hakuna Matata. Not Kakuna.

Maybe she's a Pokémon fan.
+1 #1 Citizen 2018-04-25 13:55
It's Hakuna Matata. Not Kakuna.

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