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April 20, 2018

Boys’ soccer, archery for boys and girls, wrestling and dance teams added


BLAINE – In the regular meeting for the month of April at Blaine School, the Lawrence County Board of Education answered the requests that have been echoing for months with a unanimous vote to approve new sports at the high school level, among them boys’ soccer, archery for boys and girls, wrestling and dance teams.

After doing interest surveys at the high school and some extensive analysis of the costs for the programs, the members of the Board of Education voted to approve the creation of those sports for students at Lawrence County High School.

In other business, the Board heard updates from Lawrence County Superintendent Dr. Robbie Fletcher on the status of legislation regarding education and its impact on local schools.

“On Friday (April 13), a delegation of Lawrence County educators went to Frankfort. We met with legislators and the meetings were positive," Fletcher said. "We met with Representative Bam Carney, who sponsored the pension bill, and it was a good meeting. He listened to us knowing that we held opposite views of his, and we had good discussion even though we didn’t agree on things.”

Dr. Fletcher apprised the Board of the USDA inspection at Blaine, which he summarized as having gone well, informed attendees of the progress of the District Facilities Planning Committee and emphasized that the first priority is Louisa West Elementary School in terms of facilities upgrades/replacements.

Fletcher reported on the success of Operation Preparation, held in March, to help middle school and high school students examine careers, educational planning, and the realities of budgeting. He talked about Lawrence County’s participation in the KVEC FIRE Summit at the East Kentucky Expo Center in Pikeville, and alerted the audience of a potential upcoming special Board of Education Meeting either April 30 or May 1.

Blaine elementary principal Shawn JenningsBlaine elementary principal Shawn JenningsBlaine Principal Shawn Jennings gave the Board and audience members an overview of the recent Blaine After School Activities Program, which featured a special effort to enhance extracurricular opportunities for students at Blaine. Students often have difficulty getting to participate in any sports such as football or baseball at the middle school level due to transportation barriers. Dr. Fletcher read a thank you to the Board from one student who was grateful to have something to do other than go straight home “and do chores.”

Conservation contest winners and art students who created this year’s Kentucky School Board Association Banner were recognized and awarded certificates. They included:

Kylyn McDowell
Makayla Greene
Shawn Thacker

Writing Winners
Isabella Keaton
Zachary Blankenship
Laiken Moore
Tamarin Keaton 

Coloring Contest Winners
Hannah Keaton
Dakota Lenz
Nathaniel Boggs

Blaine was also recognized for having 100% participation in the Conservation Contest.

Also recognized were the students that participated in creating the Kentucky School Boards Association Banner. Those students are: 

Isabella Keaton 
Sierra Fulks
Jazsequa Fountain

Kaylee Lester and Jazsequa Fountain, both eighth grade students from Blaine Elementary, won 1st Place in the Middle School category of Biomedical and Behavioral Health Sciences at the ACTC-FIVCO Science Fair. The girls were recognized at the fair and each won $50.00 each.

The Board of Education’s next regular meeting is May 21 at Lawrence County High School at 6 p.m.



Superintendent’s Personnel Action/Update

April 16, 2018


John Turner - JROTC Instructor at Lawrence County High School
Stephanie McCarty - School Health Nurse / Special Needs Nurse at Blaine Elementary School
Melissa Perry - Full-Time Bus Monitor

Change of Position

Sandra Boggs - From Full-Time Bus Monitor to Full-Time Bus Driver

Suspension with Pay

Melissa Edens - Teacher at Fallsburg Elementary School (5 days)


Melissa Edens - Teacher at Fallsburg Elementary School

April 16, 2018

Re: Request to the Lawrence County Board of Education for Creation regarding Position and Extra Duty Service Pay

Request the following position be created effective April 17, 2018:
(1) Instructional Assistant at Fallsburg Elementary School (Classified Pay Scale)

Request the following Extra Duty Service Pay be created effective April 17, 2018:

(1) Archery Boys Head Coach ($1200 Extra Duty Service Pay)
(1) Archery Girls Head Coach ($1200 Extra Duty Service Pay)
(1) Dance Team Head Coach ($1200 Extra Duty Service Pay)
(1) Soccer Boys Head Coach ($1200 Extra Duty Service Pay)
(1) Soccer Boys Assistant Coach ($600 Extra Duty Service Pay)



+3 #3 Just Saying 2018-04-24 12:08
Right... Cause these people up at the board office are making a killing! Fletcher took the superintendent job for $105,000 a year to be responsible for 6 schools, all of it's employees and all the students... seriously, people have no concept of what that entails on a daily basis. To put things in perspective, that's about the same salary as a Walmart store manager.
0 #2 Citizen. 2018-04-21 23:42
Stop looking at the teacher's pay and look at the people who work at the board office's pay.
0 #1 Citizen 2018-04-21 10:39
Sports Sports Sports That is ALL You Hear about in Lawrence County is Sports but they complain about Not having any Money and will Not do what they need to. I am Not against Sports Completely but there is a Place for it and when You try get something and ALL they say is We do Not have the Money but they add another Sport, so where does the money come from that is going to Fund it? We the Community knows the Board will fund it.

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