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February 22, 2018

District 3 Lawrence Co. Constable Daniel CastleDistrict 3 Lawrence Co. Constable Daniel CastleBased on the recent threats received toward students/schools in Lawrence County, I was asked to spend time in uniform at Blaine elementary School.

I got there this morning at 0730 and was met with smiles and hugs from students and was greeted warmly by teachers and their principal.

I felt a general sense of relief from the students as well as adults. I am glad the BOE decided to reach out to local law enforcement. In times like these, it takes a team effort to ward off a potential devastating incident. Our community and kids are worth it!

Daniel Castle
District 3


EDITOR'S NOTE: It has long been debated whether the position of Constable should be eliminated in Ky. because there is nothing for them to do. Now, there is a perfect fit in the schools, but voters should be careful to elect candidates like Mr. Castle and others who are equipped, trained and willing to guard our students and teachers on a regular basis.



0 #2 Constable Jeff Jacob 2018-02-23 17:04
Comment on Editor's Note: Counties all over Ky. are using their Constables for various duties, including answering law enforcement calls for service (911 calls). Rural Counties don't have the resources to provide the needed law enforcement, Urban counties, except Jefferson, use Constables to serve Court papers. This is the reason that the debate always ends with no action. I agree that you hit the nail on the head when you advised that voters should be careful to elect candidates to the Office of Constable. Just because Constables, as well as 19 other categories of peace officers, aren't required to go through the "police academy" training, doesn't mean that Constables don't receive training. Constables cost the tax payers zero dollars because they run their office from the fees they collect from the duties they perform, and those duties don't include collecting taxes. A system that would allow Constables to receive training would be very beneficial to the Office of Constable and to the citizens of the Commonwealth.
-3 #1 Museman 2018-02-22 17:03
When did Blaine get a threat?

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