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DECEMBER 12, 2017

Lawrence County Schools Holds First Facilities Planning Meeting and Public Forum

Lawrence County Schools’ Superintendent, Dr. Robbie Fletcher, and the Local Planning Committee (LPC) held their first meeting and public forum as required in the facilities planning process.  This process is required for all KY schools to complete every four years and involves each building receiving an evaluation from an architect/engineering group to determine each school facility’s needs.  During the process, community members are given the opportunity to voice their suggestions on needs for the district as it relates to school facilities.

The first meeting served as an orientation for the twenty-member LPC.  The LPC, which includes teachers, administrators, a board member, central office staff and community leaders, received training on the local planning process. Mr. Don Martin, a facility planning representative from the Kentucky School Board Association, facilitated the orientation on December 5th in the Lawrence County High School library.  Mr. Martin reviewed the selection process for the committee members, discussed his role and other members’ roles on the committee, and outlined the process.  As pointed out by Mr. Martin, the next meeting will be conducted shortly after the architects from RossTarrant Architects complete their review of the facilities.

The evening also included the first of three public forums.  Public forums are provided to allow community members to present their suggestions about the physical needs of schools in our district to the LPC.  The forum procedure requires community members to register so an order for people to speak can be established.  Community members are asked to address the question, “What facilities/building are needed in Lawrence County to provide the best educational opportunities for all students?”  During the December 5th public forum, two community members, other than those on the LPC, were present but elected not to speak. 

Also, during the orientation meeting, Mr. Joe Nance and Mr. Lincoln Theinert from the finance agency Ross, Sinclaire, and Associates, presented the bonding capacity of the Lawrence County School System.  This is the breakdown for the school system’s bonding potential:

*  Local Bonding Potential without any additional taxes:        $7,250,000

*  Bonding potential generated by adding a nickel tax:           $6,035,000

*  State match provided funding IF the nickel is approved:     $6,150,000

TOTAL:                      $19,435,000

For clarification, the LPC simply identifies the district’s needs based on information they are given from community members, architects, and engineers.  The LPC does NOT vote on a tax of any sort.   The people of Lawrence County will be given the opportunity to vote on the nickel tax in the November 2018 general election. 

The orientation meeting closed with an overview of the topics for the second meeting.  These topics will include discussions on facility barriers and a review of the architects’ report. 

The next facilities planning committee meeting will be announced in weeks to come.


Lawrence County Schools
Local Planning Meeting Agenda
First Meeting Unofficial Minutes
December 5, 2017
6:00 pm

Lawrence County High School Library Media Center

16 of 20 committee members were present;

Present: Don Martin (KSBA, Presenter), Dr.
Robbie Fletcher, John Pannell, Joe Cecil, Brad West, Don Thompson, Erica Parsons, Thomas Burns, Vernon Hall, Shawn Jennings, Earl Boggs, Stephanie Kirk, Jim See, Brad Derifield, Sara Bowen, Debbie Delong, Marilyn Mullins, Joe Nance (Ross, Sinclaire, and Associates, Fiscal Agent), Lincoln Theinert (RSA)

Absent: Shawna Ratliff, Keith Moore, Steve
Lycans, Laiken Lester



I. Welcome and Introductions Don Martin, KSBA

Mr. Martin introduced himself, giving a brief description of his experiences.

II. Part One Orientation

Don Martin, KSBA

Mr. Martin presented the orientation PowerPoint. The presentation included, but not exclusively, the following:

Selection process for the committee

Facilitator’s role

School facilities best practices

Initial information gathering and analysis

Architect’s role

Findings vs. amendments

District facilities plan provisions and format


III. Election of Chair

Don Martin, KSBA

Dr. Fletcher made the motion for Mr. Joe Cecil to serve as the Chairperson of the District Facilities Planning Committee.
Mr. Don Thompson seconded the motion. The motion passed by consensus.

IV. Election of Vice-Chair Chairperson

Mr. Cecil made the motion for Mr. Vernon Hall to serve as the Vice-Chair of the District Facilities Planning Committee. Mr. See seconded the motion. The motion passed by consensus.

V. Fiscal data

Joe Nance, RSA

Mr. Nance and Mr. Theinert presented the Plan of Financing for Lawrence County Schools.

VI. Next meeting date/time/location Chairperson

VII. Next meeting topics

A. Orientation 2
B. Facility barriers/needs
C. Architect report

Mr. Martin reviewed the above topics.

VIII. Adjourn

Mr. Brad West made the motion the adjourn. Thomas Burns seconded the motion. The motion passed by consensus.

Lawrence County Schools
Local Planning Committee (LPC) Meeting
First Public Forum

Unofficial Minutes

December 5, 2017

7:15 pm

Lawrence County High School Media Center

Call to Order
Joe Cecil

Chairperson Joe Cecil called the First Public Forum to order.

Registration sheet for those attending the forum
“Request to Speak” registration sheet available for those wishing to address the LPC.

LPC member introductions

Public Forum – opportunity for community input into the District Facility Plan development. LPC is here to listen to the community’s suggestions.

Mr. Martin made the announcements above those in attendance.

The LPC’s purpose and process

Don Martin, Facilitator

Mr. Martin presented the purpose and process for the public forum.


“What facilities/building are needed in Lawrence County to provide the best educational opportunities for all students?”

No one in attendance chose to speak during the public forum.


Chairperson Cecil ended the public forum at 7:39 PM.



+3 #3 Dollar 2017-12-17 00:19
I always have a phrase to tell people when they ask me if something can be rebuilt or repaired and I tell them “ everything can be rebuilt/repaire d but just depends on how much money you want to put into it”. Those two elementary schools could be repaired but unfortunetly, it would cost about the same amount as building a new one would. Problem is that after repairing them, we still have an old facility that will need further repairs to keep it going. So, what’s the use in wasting money on two old buildings that need torn down??!!
0 #2 LC citizen 2017-12-16 07:04
Why can't the schools that are already there be fixed? Why put more money into a new building when it's not necessary?
-3 #1 Terry 2017-12-14 20:29
I just don’t like change & that’s what I see happening in Louisa. What do the people do that don’t like changes?! Accept it & go on?? No thanks!!! I was born here but 62 years later who knew people would want to change it.

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