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December 4, 2017

KDE Report Gives An Evaluation of the Louisa West Building: 

KED press release

Earlier this week, Dr. Stephen L. Pruitt, Commissioner of Education, released the 2017 Kentucky Facilities Inventory and Classification System (KFICS) Phase I Report. Of the school facilities that were evaluated, Louisa West Elementary ranked as the 33rd “most needy” school facility when compared to the other schools that were evaluated throughout the state. In comparison, the Louisa West facility ranked in the bottom 100 out of 465 evaluated schools in 2011.

The new KFICS process was implemented by the Kentucky Department of Education under HB 303 (2016) and includes the assessment of one school facility from each of 169 school districts throughout Kentucky. As stated in the report, “While the KFICS Phase I Report contains poor condition permanent buildings, there may be other district transitional facilities (in the state) in worse condition, in need of replacement and not included in the list.” Phase II of the process will be expanded to include all Kentucky school buildings.

Every four years, each Kentucky school system is required to submit a school facilities plan, and the LC Schools plan is due in 2018. Using the processes outlined by KDE, the Lawrence County Board of Education and Superintendent Fletcher has assembled 20 local planning committee members to make recommendations to the Board of Education. Members of the committee include teachers, community members, and administrators that represent the Blaine, Fallsburg, and Louisa areas. The KFICS report will be used as a source of information to help decide the next steps for facilities planning in Lawrence County.

If you are interested in having input, the Lawrence County Local Facilities Planning Committee will have an orientation meeting on December 5 at 6 PM at the Lawrence County High School Library and will be followed by a public forum at 7:15 PM. The public forum will be an informal gathering to obtain public opinion regarding future district facility priorities.


Lawrence County Schools

Local Planning Meeting Agenda

First Meeting

December 5, 2017

6:00 pm

Lawrence County High School Library Media Center


I. Welcome and Introductions Don Martin, KSBA

II. Part One Orientation Don Martin, KSBA

III. Election of Chair Don Martin, KSBA

IV. Election of Vice-Chair Chairperson

V. Fiscal data Joe Nance, RSA

VI. Next meeting date/time/location Chairperson

VII. Next meeting topics

A. Orientation 2

B. Facility barriers/needs

C. Architect report

VIII. Adjourn


PUBLIC FORUM to follow @ 7:15 PM.

The purpose of the public forum is to gather input from community stakeholders as it relates to perceived facilities needs for our schools/campuses


Lawrence County Schools

Local Planning Committee (LPC) Meeting

First Public Forum

December 5, 2017

7:15 pm

Lawrence County High School Media Center


*  Call to Order... Chairperson

*  Announcements

*  Registration sheet for those attending the forum

*  “Request to Speak” registration sheet available for those wishing to address the LPC.

*  LPC member introductions

*  Public Forum – opportunity for community input into the District Facility Plan development.  LPC is here to listen to the community’s suggestions.


*  The LPC’s purpose and process Don Martin, Facilitator

*  Question:

“What facilities/building are needed in Lawrence County to provide the best educational opportunities for all students?”

*  Adjourn



+1 #2 What? 2017-12-06 22:02
What did the KDE say about the same school 10-20 years ago? I’m sure it said the same thing, but absolutely nothing was done when the city/county/sta te had resources to fix the problems. Bad management at its finest. Complete joke if you ask me. All a bunch of BS.
+2 #1 DANG 2017-12-05 13:14
Well, looks like everyone already missed the First Public Forum meeting. It was November 5, 2017!!! Would have been nice if someone had announced it earlier!!! Maybe we can catch the one in December???

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