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Louisa-Lawrence Co, KY

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November 17, 2017

 November 20, 2017; 6:00 p.m.

Lawrence County High School

Louisa, Kentucky




Mission:  Every Child College and Career Ready; A Community Involved and Informed

The Pledge to the United States Flag



3.A. Louisa Middle School Girls' Basketball: 7th/8th Grade Season/Tournament


4.A. Superintendent’s Update

4.A.1. Lawrence County in top tier of anti-bullying pledge participants

4.A.2. LCHS Choir Christmas Concert: December 14

4.A.3. Zip Zone Classic Schedule

4.A.4. Facilities planning orientation meeting: December 5th, 6 p.m., LCHS library

4.A.5. Boys' soccer program progress

4.A.6. LCHS SBDM Council election 

4.A.7. Food Service procurement review underway

4.A.8. LC PETLL/ACT Problem of Practice presented at the EXPO (KVEC)

4.A.9. LCHS FireCast episode

4.A.10. Fallsburg and Louisa East to participate in "Hour of Code"

4.A.11. Potential for a bus grant

4.B. Public Comment


5.A. Approve Minutes of the October 16, 2017 Regular Meeting and November 1, 2017 Special Meeting

5.B.  Approve Claims and Orders of the Treasurer

5.C. Approve the Monthly Financial Report: Finance Officer Brandi VanHoose

5.C.1. Bank Reconciliation Report

5.C.2. MUNIS Balance Sheet and Monthly Financial Report

5.C.3. Finance Update


5.D. Approve Consent Agenda items:

5.D.1. Per diem and expenses for members present

5.D.2. Contracts & Services:

5.D.2.a. Randy Lawson services to prep and recoat Lawrence County High School gym floor for $500 and Louisa Middle gym floor for $350

5.D.2.b. Copier Service Agreement with Superior Office Service for Adult Learning Center: Canon IR7095 SN# SHX14314; 11-3-17 to 11-3-18; $1,100

5.D.2.c. Superior Office Service Equipment Lease Agreement with Louisa West Elementary; August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2021; 48 month lease; 2 Ea – Canon ADV6200’s (55 CPM or better); Lease amount: $146.00 a month; B&W Charge $250 a month, 500K Copies included

5.D.2.d. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Lawrence County Schools and Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) sponsored by Morehead State University

5.D.2.e. 2018-2019 Nonresident Pupil Contracts from Boyd County School District and Morgan County School District

5.D.2.f. Morehead State University piano professor services with Lawrence County High School for choir music performance

5.D.3. Requests:

5.D.3.a. Fundraisers:                                                                                                    5.D.3.a.1. Lawrence County High School

5.D.3.a.2. Louisa Middle School

5.D.3.b. Trip Requests:

5.D.3.b.1. Out-of-State: LCHS Band to the Performance in the Park exhibition at King’s Island Amusement Park, Mason, Ohio; Friday, May 18, 2018; Scott Smith, Band Director

5.D.3.b.2. Out-of-State: LEES Safety Patrol to Washington, D.C. April 25-29, 2018; Sherita Akers

5.D.3.c. Use of Facilities:

5.D.3.c.1. Fallsburg Elementary gym by LC Select Basketball for 17-18 school year; Greg Woods; insurance provided

5.D.4. For Review/FYI: (no action required)

5.D.4.a. School Activity Fund Reports: October

5.D.4.b. SBDM/Advisory Council Minutes (LCHS, BES, LMS, LWES)

5.D.4.c. Monthly Energy Report from Terry Salyer, Energy Manager

5.D.4.d. Grants awarded: 2017-18 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Grants to Blaine Elementary and Louisa East Elementary School from Cindy Hay

5.D.4.e. 2017-2018 Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) Process-Timeline & Responsibilities from Vernon Hall

5.E. Discussion of “City-Schools Cultural Event Proposal”: Scott Osborn

5.F. Discussion of the Kentucky Facilities Inventory and Classification Systems (KFICS) Phase 1 Report - Louisa West ranks 33rd in terms of need / Facilities Planning process next steps

5.G. Discussion/Media Release of 2016-2017 District School Report Card Summary

5.H. Drug Prevention Curriculum Update

5.I. Approve Second Reading of revision to Policy 08.113 Graduation Requirements

5.J. Consider/award bid for snow removal on school property

5.K. Approve permission to apply for a bus grant

5.L. New Business


6.A. Approve creation, abolishment, and/or changes regarding positions for 2017-18

6.B. Approve declaration that a qualified teacher is not available for the position of Biology Teacher at Lawrence County High School

6.C. Superintendent Professional Growth and Evaluation System (SPGES) Update:

        Robbie L. Fletcher, EdD

6.C.1. Discuss 2017-2018 Growth Plan

6.C.2. Midyear Review using SPGES Rubric

6.C.3. Discuss process for superintendent contract negotiations

6.D. Approve to acknowledge receipt of Superintendent's Personnel Action/Update



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